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You Were Wrong…Admit It!

Yanking out your hair in sheer frustration every time opinions clash with your better half is a scenario that spells déjà vu for most guys. Are spouse tiffs merely a clash of gender or is there a whole realm of socio-psychological issues that we need to unearth here? Most guys admit to being completely at sea as far as the women’s temperaments go, so here are a few ways to make up and kiss your way back to a rosy life.

• Do not bottle-up when your significant other is offering advice and help. Shutting her out and taking the criticism in a negative stride only adds to fights. Listen to her as openly as you would hear out a best buddy. Take the best of the advice she has to offer and instead of being stuck in the argument or situation, move ahead.

• We all say and do stupid things in the past. Building a current fight or argument over past issues is merely repeating mistakes of the past. Come on guys, we could display better prudence and tact than that. Stick by the current issue and try and work out ways to mend that one. Old skeletons stink, so let them lie in their graves.

• Ok, so she is absolutely mad, had never got this mad before. But you can see the sense through it all. Trying to reason out with her is going to be futile and continuing with the argument a waste of time and energy. Know what’s the best bet at these times? Toss in a few cushions on the couch, play some soft music, light a few candles and uncork the bubbly. Your sweetheart will soon forget about the fight altogether!

• No matter what Eric Segal says, there is no better word than ‘sorry’, and yes, it can make all the difference. So say it… loud and clear. After all, you don’t lose a thing with one word.

Do you have difficulty in admitting that you were wrong to a member of the opposite sex? Post your view
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