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Juhi Dua

Precautions are not meant for women alone. A single guy must take sufficient precautions too while getting physically involved with a woman in any way- whether a one night stand, a fling or a stable relationship. Here are some rules you must follow to stay safe:

1. Always use a condom
With a new partner, it is essential to use a condom. If it is someone you have just met this evening, it's best to use a condom you carried with yourself, and not the one she offers. If you don't have one, skip the excitement, even if she seems super innocent.

With your stable girlfriend, choose a mutually agreeable method of contraceptive. But remember that condoms are the best for you, because birth control pills do not prevent STDs, condoms do. You can choose from latex or polyurethane condoms that offer complete protection from STDs, including HIV. Carefully follow the instructions written on the pack to avoid inappropriate usage. Also, get blood tests done for the both of you at the start of your relationship.

2. Stay away from emotional wrecks
If you are just looking at having fun, emotional wrecks and emotional leeches should not figure at all on your list, even if just for a fling. They can turn out to be quite a price for a few enjoyable nights. After all, you don't want to be inundated with calls for over a year after one night of fun, just because she has connected with you at a deeper level then you will ever understand.

3. Beware of a woman too pretty, too interested, too soon
Get alarmed if a very pretty woman that you have just met is too keen on getting into the bed with you. Is it because you are very rich and she would love to settle down with you for your money or because she is already pregnant and is looking at finding the right dad for her kid? Whatever be the reason, if you are not looking at the long haul with her, don't cross the line. It's best to be safe than sorry.

4. Remember, blackmailers do exist
Yes! There may be a woman who could blackmail you over a few photographs or anything else that could slay your image in public. So, never ever get involved in something that you would feel ashamed accepting in public.

5. Avoid the wrong women
It's best to avoid involvement with bosses wife or girl friend, brother's or a friend's girl friend etc. This will only complicate your life and ruin relationships you cherish.

So next time you get intimate, remember that sex has consequences.


Before you finally take the plunge and get physically involved with your girlfriend, there are things you must take care of. Here is the lowdown:

1. Ensure that she's ready for this
Connecting physically with someone you are mentally and emotionally attached to, is a divine feeling. But this divine moment can turn into a bad dream if your girl is not ready for it. So before you take the step, talk to her and ensure that she wants it as badly as you do.

2. Don't lie to gain physical proximity
Just for getting physically involved with her, don't tell her that you are committed for life. Let her know the true status of the relationship since she is an integral part of it. This will save you from the mess later.

3. Choose a safe and a respectable place
Do not take her to a seedy hotel or to your place if you are unlikely to get privacy there. Call her over only when you have the house to your self. However, the best way to do it would be to take her out for a weekend. And of course- you foot the resort bills!

4. Don't talk about your ex
How your ex was in bed or what she liked is the last thing your babe wants to hear. So when you are in the bedroom with her, focus all your attention only on her.

5. Let her know that you are not in a hurry
Most women get put off with guys who get impatient. So do take time to build the mood and make your girl comfortable… then take it slowly from there.

Go ahead and celebrate love guys! But don't forget to use contraceptives.



Love is as much a hormonal issue as is an emotional one. Ever wondered why you blush and go weak-kneed while meeting your special other? Why does the person appear `sexy’ and attractive after a few interactions? As much as it is a mind game, the body and hormones too play a major role in deciding our love lives. Here is how...

• The weak-kneed reaction is triggered by an overdose of a chemical called phenylethylamine (PEA). Popularly known as the `love molecule’ this one is found in the brain and has high levels of nitrogen. Chocolates are also known to trigger off PEA secretion…
• The weak-kneed reaction is usually followed by lust which is triggered by `testosterone’, the male hormone. Body’s secretion of hormone shoots up when the mind is `in love’.
• Sweaty palms are a result of increased blood pressure or adrenaline rush. This leads to fastened heart rate, heavy breathing and blushing. An excess intake of oxygen is the reason behind the `giddy’, `light headed’ feeling.
• Adrenaline and serotonin (low levels) lead to attraction.
• PEA also releases dopamine, `a feel good’ neuro-transmitter that controls emotional responses and our ability to react to stimulus (pleasure and pain).
• This neuro-transmitter is responsible for crystallizing lust into attraction, leading to the birth of a relationship.
• Dopamine also produces oxytocin, the `cuddle chemical’!
So the next time your heart goes racing, you can blame the hormones at work.


Unfortunately for a man, if he isn't getting sex, he begins to feel that he is the only guy in the whole wide world who is not getting it. And his life after that becomes a one-point programme: to find women who will hop into bed with him. And this attitude results in him spoiling a good relationship. For instance, if you really care for a woman (and she for you), but she's not willing to have sex with you (not yet, perhaps), it's not the end of the world. You can still go out with her, and share a good time. Both of you can give and receive affection. By keeping sex on the backburner, you are actually getting a chance to experience the real reason for coming together: the need to love.

Don't get us wrong. We're not saying that sex is not important in a relationship. What we are merely saying is that a relationship can flourish without sex being the primary priority.
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