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- by Juhi Dua

What is Christmas without gifts raining around? But when you have to buy a gift for your girlfriend, you could get stuck in a dilemma – it should be special, unique, not something you’ve already given her, something she will cherish forever and yet in your budget. We give you ideas depending on how long you’ve been with her.

For a girl you’ve just started seeing
Well, if you’ve been dating her barely for a month, we suggest you don’t get too personal yet, but just a bunch of flowers on Christmas won’t cut it. So, what to do? Get her something sweet for her space- like wind chimes or a candle stand or an aroma therapy stand complete with some essential oils. These things will remind her of you as she relaxes with them, but at the same time they aren’t too personal.

For a girl you’ve been with for 6 months
If you’ve crossed the six months itch, your girl deserves a better gift – slightly more passionate and personal. Usually buying the first piece of jewellery for her post six months makes a lot of sense. Invest in a dainty pair of silver, stone studded silver or pearl earrings, get them packed in a delicate transparent fabric bag and you are all set. A decorative jewellery box is another option. And if you feel particularly close to her, add a bunch of silk flowers or dried flowers. Spray them on with a lingering fragrance before you gift them and it will work wonders.

For a girl you’ve been with for over a year
Gift her sexy wine glasses and a bottle of good wine and stay back to raise a toast to your relationship. How about adding in something for her as well? A classy perfume will help you express your love in a fragrant style. Steer clear from cheap brands or imitations; choose from the range of Hugo Boss, Elizabeth Arden, Nina Ricci, Kenzo, Escada and such. You could even top this expensive gift with an inexpensive one. Copy her favourite soap series on to DVDs and gift her an entire season- inexpensive yet priceless!

For your steady girl
Make her feel special by getting her an uber cool oversized clutch. They are very in these days and will have her stunned with your fashion awareness quotient. You could also get her sexy lingerie from Victoria’s Secret, daily wear diamond studs or a bath and body-care set if your budget is tight, but do remember to keep her skin type in mind.

And if you are looking at taking your relationship to another level, this is the perfect time. Get her a ring and present it in style, submerged in her champagne flute – old fashioned and yet very very romantic.



If you are looking at infusing some freshness in your relationship or you are still chasing the girl of your dreams, the romantic season of monsoon is here with some help. All you have to do is meet up with your girl; the rain-gods have set up the rest for you. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Have your own rain party!
Who says you need a crowd to party. Step out of the house and let the magical showers soak you. Enjoy the feeling of getting drenched by tiny droplets, sing, shake a leg together and enjoy!

2. Drive in the rains
Go for a long drive. Enjoy the freshness that abounds through the misty windows of your car. Hit the less crowded highway and drive towards a beach, valley, river or mountains, whatever is accessible. Enjoy the un-spoilt natural beauty together and breathe in the fresh air. You will be surprised at how much it will refresh and excite both your girl and you.

3. Don’t miss that wet kiss!
During your long drive, stop by a valley, a river or mountains and kiss against the beautiful backdrop. If this is not possible, just step into that little park and dance together. Let the mood set in. Then go ahead and kiss her. This is one kiss she won’t deny you and will in fact remember for years to come.

4. Drive in for a romantic movie and coffee
Go to the drive-in theatre in your city to watch a romantic movie with your girl. The magic of watching a movie in the rain with the girl of your dreams by your side is unparalleled. Get some hot tea or coffee and some sandwiches to heighten the euphoria of rain romance.

5. Set up your own terrace restaurant only for her and become her waiter
This one will really win her over. Put up a garden umbrella in your terrace with a music system, two chairs and a table underneath. Arrange for some great cutlery and delicious food – complete with starters and main course- and a bottle of good wine. It would be great if you could cook some of it yourself. Tell her that you are taking her out and ask her to come over to your place. When she does, guide her to your terrace, with the table, music and the whole magical ambience waiting for her. Light a candle as she sits down and serve wine and starters for the two of you. Play the waiter for the evening and then enjoy your dinner with her, against the romantic backdrop of rain.

Now, go ahead and get imaginative. Take the help of monsoons to spell magic on your love life.



Want to take your relationship to the next level and ask your woman to marry you? Here are a few tips to help you create a memory she will not forget at least in this lifetime.

  • To create a magical experience for her, it is important for you to choose a beautiful, picturesque and a somewhat exotic locale.

  • Women love surprises. Don't reveal to her where you are taking her and why. Just ask her to keep some time for you and take off when she is ready.

  • Your surprise will remain pleasant only if it is planned down to the minutest details so plan in advance and plan well.

  • Don't forget those important little knick-knacks. Stock your car or stuff your bag with essentials depending on the kind of place you are headed to.

  • No proposal is complete without a ring - a diamond, gold or silver, it's your choice depending on your budget. Don't forget to go down on your knees while popping the question!



    Insecurity is the most dangerous thing that can tear any relationship apart. Most men start assuming that a beautiful woman cannot be trusted. You need to get a grip on your own insecurities. Learn to trust.

    Anil, a scriptwriter voices the insecurity syndrome perfectly well. He says, “Beautiful women know that they have many takers and if their current guy does not mend his ways as per theirs, they just move on to the next best option. The knowledge that they are in demand invariably puts them in the driving seat in a relationship. They don’t believe in building a relationship based on trust but instead treat men as merely sources of convenience who fulfill their needs. And if you are with such a drop dead beauty then it is anyway more out of lust than love; how faithful she will prove to be is absolutely questionable.”

    Rishab, 28, a management consultant with a well-known bank in Mumbai echoes somewhat the same feeling. He says, “I have been dating this colleague for two years who is simply fabulous. She is a perfect 10 and could give any model a run for her money. She’s also a flexible giver, considerate and kind, cheerful and intelligent and finding someone like her has been difficult. Our relationship has been absolutely smooth otherwise but the thought that she could have easily found someone much better for herself often nags me, making me insecure. As a result, I sometimes become unreasonable and stop her from socializing with her guy friends. This obviously leads to heated arguments and she questions my trust in her to which I have no answer. I know that my insecurity has more to do with me than her but I don’t know what to do about it.”

    Review the situation
    If your babe uses her hot looks to climb the ladder of success and treats you like a slave because she is hot and you are not…

    If she has the habit of straying and then coming back you to because she knows that she is too desirable for you to reject or resist…

    If she has started taking you and your feeling for her for granted…

    If she likes mentioning casually that she can get any guy she wants and makes you feel that she is doing you a favour by being in the relationship…

    Then dude, you are in deep waters. Really deep trouble!

    However, if she has been faithful to you and does not display any signs of promiscuousness, if she cares for you and the two of you vibe well, then there should not be any reason for you not to trust her.

    You fell for her because she is hot, then why hold it against her?
    There is no rule that says beautiful women don’t possess a heart and can’t be faithful so why treat beauty as a parameter for trust? Kripa, a painter by profession throws light on this aspect. She says, “We women by nature are more emotional and unlike men we don’t grade looks as most important. For us a mental connect is more significant. So if I mentally connect with someone who may not be as physically endowed as I am, it will never bother me. I can never understand why it bothers a man so much. After all, he fell for a hot woman because of her looks, so why hold it against her later when she starts getting serious about him. All this leads to heart-ache on both sides.”

    The mantra is to invest in your bond. The mantra is to believe in her but not blindly!
    Here are a few tips to help you regain mental peace and faith.
    • Believe in her ability to love you and give her credit for being the wonderful person that you fell for.
    • Her beauty should make you proud and not doubtful or jealous. If her hot looks attract you towards her then there must be something about you that attracted her towards you. Talk about it and try to connect at a higher plane than just physical.
    • Do not read too much between the lines if she is friendly with other guys or socializes freely with them. Harmless flirting is healthy. The very fact that she mingles with them and yet comes back to you speaks volumes about her commitment towards you.
    • Be liberal and understanding but do not be blind. If your babe is cheating on you and you are certain of her promiscuous ways then steer away from her. Do not stick around just because she is extremely sexy and you can’t find anyone like her again. Remember that a faithful partner is more valuable than a sexy partner. Let her go simply because you deserve better.
    • Do not treat all beautiful women with contempt just because one beautiful woman has cheated you. Next time around, be careful and be wise and don’t fall in love too fast. Take time to know the person and take each step at a time. Let her grow on you!
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