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It is important that you remember and refer to your date by her name. Most people who cannot get a second date with the same person often wonder what went wrong? The problem misters, was that you may have actually forgot your date’s name or kept on calling her by some other name, which can be pretty annoying and insulting. If you have a problem remembering names, associate your date’s name with the day, the evening sky or anything that will help you recollect it. Dates are special people and should be treated that way.

Tell tale signs that you are passé and she has moved on.

• Our feet show the direction of our heart. So if you find her feet pointing away from you or towards another person, be prepared for bye-bye time!
• Does she fish for reasons to cut the call? Is she promising to call again and never does? There is a storm coming, brace yourself for it.
• She desperately skirts future talk and consciously avoids questions and intrigues that could even remotely relate to a future together. She refuses to even give a commitment on next week's dates you sure don't need a reconfirmation to know her intent.

Accept the rejection gracefully and get on with your life and let her get on with hers. It doesn’t make sense to hold on to her against her wishes. Remember, difficult and even impossible though it may seem, you will get over her.
When Miss Gorgeous Is Next To You

There is a gorgeous woman sitting at the table next to yours. You are dying to ask her out, do something before she walks away, but find yourself frozen with fear. “She's going to say no,” you think to yourself, “She may even laugh at me…” While these doubts nag at you, you realise that she's getting up and walking away. You've missed your chance. The fear of rejection strikes again.

More often than not, our deepest regret is our silence; of not being able to speak when we really want to. “Why didn't I say something?” you keep asking. The ‘what ifs’ slowly begin to torture you. You spend the next few years wondering how your life could have been different. If only… You despise yourself for not having been braver, for giving in to your fears and doubts.

It only lasts a moment. How does one overcome this nagging fear of rejection? Try this trick. Do you remember the scent of cinnamon? You can’t recall it, can you? That is because that smell is like physical pain -- impossible to remember after it is gone. The same way, the pain that you feel from being rejected only lasts for a moment and then it is gone. Keeping this in mind and knowing that the pain will only last a brief second is one way to help you overcome your fear. One day, you will be able to look back at the time when you asked that cute, popular girl out and laugh about it. Rejection isn't as bad as we think it is! Read More

When was the last time you were frozen with fear? Share Your Woes With Agony Aunt
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