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Eyes are the most effective way of communicating your interest in a woman and the ideal way to win her over. When talking to the woman you are trying to woo, or are dating make it a point to look into her eyes. A wink while smiling coyly can melt a woman's heart in an instant, so practice a natural wink that you can throw when you are with her.

Make sure you don't wink when she is in the midst of saying something important though as that will clearly imply you were not listening. Make sure, however, that whatever you do with your eyes (gazing into her eyes or winking), that you do it naturally. Otherwise you will get her feeling uncomfortable. Last but not least, remember that there is a hell of a lot of difference between staring at her, and looking into her eyes appreciatively. Ensure that you are doing the right thing.


A little bit of healthy flirting never did anyone harm so why not indulge in it once in a while?

• The way to a woman’s heart is through her ears.
• Cooing sweet nothings of love is sure to make a good impression on your date and besides that, no matter what most women may possibly say, they all love flirts, even the most incorrigible ones at that.
• After all flirting is just one way to make the woman feel special and you are only doing that.

But don’t over step your limits, say the sweet things, but from a distance!

You’re at a party AND in new & interesting (attractive) company. A really cute girl takes your fancy. Okay, you have been introduced, and now you want to initiate a conversation. Should you, shouldn’t you approach the person, what do you talk about, what to say…trying not to stare! So…

Should You Initiate The Conversation?


What Do You Talk About?

You could set the ball rolling by commenting on how you’re enjoying the music or how great the food is. Sometimes a compliment is a good starter too. It doesn’t really matter. Then move on to subjects like lifestyle, work, family, common interests, so on and so forth. Let it be a natural progression. However don’t start bitching about your boss, discuss your period crisis or the hate mail you receive, no matter how comfy you get!

What about My Attitude?

Display a genuine interest in the other person, smile, be courteous and sensitive to the other person’s reactions. Clichéd as may sound, ‘be yourself’.

Some Don’ts:
• Don’t chatter on incessantly. Maintain a proper talk/listen atio.
• Don’t try to ‘impress’.
• Don't STARE.
• Don’t offer advice. A sympathetic ear will do, unless they ask for it.
• Don’t just listen, but understand what the other is saying.
• If the opposite person is reacting with aggression, arrogance and indifference DON’T lose your cool or be disheartened! At least you took the initiative. Now circulate among the other guests.
Top 10 Flirting Tips!!!

Okay, so you’re attracted to this gal. Now you need to flirt –subtly to convey your liking for her. Here’s how...

1. A genuine smile is contagious. Try it! (But DO NOT grin from ear to ear)
2. Compliment her. Let her know that you’ve really noticed her and the compliments must be honest, sincere and genuine and when you receive a compliment the best response is merely, Thank You!
3. Look her in the eye—gently (no more than 2-4 seconds) and then glance away. Don't stare!
4. Listen—that’s why you have two ears and one mouth, so you can listen twice as much as you speak. Remember that, everyone loves to be heard.
5. Move closer to her, when you see her and say hello with enthusiasm!
6. Don’t be passive in your demeanor. Make her feel good and comfortable, as if you are the host.
7. Try to take objects that act as natural conversation starters. An interesting book or a pet usually does the trick.
8. Have fun. Be playful, light-hearted and spontaneous. Show your vulnerability.
9. Start a conversation. The best opening line is saying hello. Talk about your surroundings, ask a question, ask for help, state an opinion.
10. Be self-confident and do NOT be afraid to take risks. Be positive, it works!
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