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by Juhi Dua

Believe it or not, women are the most opinionated creatures on this earth. And kissing is important to them. So, when you kiss a woman, she is likely to decide then and there whether you are worth kissing again or not. Thatís how important your first kiss is; hence getting it right is almost mandatory. Here are top 5 secretes to a great first kiss revealed to ensure that exciting chemical changes in her brain begin immediately when your lips touch hers.

1. Go Dutch
Of course you treated her to a splendid evening but kissing has to be a shared decision. No, you donít have to discuss with her whether the right time to kiss has arrived or not, nor do you have to take a verbal permission from her to kiss. Just let your body language convey your feelings to her while you read hers. Once you get the positive vibes, go right ahead and kiss her, but remember to go slow and be receptive.

2. Be sure you donít have bad breath
Quality breath is most important. This is the first kiss and she will be judging you. You donít want her to push you away just because you are stinking of the food the two of you just had together. So, keep good quality mint handy at all times.

3. Be passionate and yet gentle
A sweet nice kiss will be remembered and help you score high but mix it with passion and you will be surprised at the results. So, why not go for the big kill? However, do not mistake passion for being rough or forceful. Do not push your face hard against hers or clench her too tightly while you kiss.

4. Donít forget the loving caress
Women love that caring touch, that gentle caress, especially when being kissed. Itís best to give her what she loves. You could gently play with her hair, caress her cheek or even back of her head; the idea is to make her feel genuinely loved.

5. Know when to back off
Prolonging a lovely kiss just transforms it into a bad one. If you donít pull out in time, the girl is likely to feel that either you are too desperate or are trying too hard to prove yourself. Either ways, it works against you. On the other hand, by being the one to pull out first, you will clearly convey that you are in control and you may just leave her craving for more.



Kissing is a wonderful experience and one seldom forgets the sheer thrill and pleasure of the 'first kiss'. But the `first kiss' can also be a daunting moment. One is nervous and unsure about how to proceed. Try and enjoy the moment rather than wasting it by getting tensed and nervous. A few tips on how to work your way around the nervousness:

ē Confidence: Lack of it shows like tears in a carpet so make sure that you have stocks replenished the moment it appears to be depleting.

ē Unwind: Relax and let go of all feelings of nervousness, you are about to enjoy the most tender moment of your life, so why waste it by getting tensed?

ē Eye Contact: This is essential to cultivate love and confidence. Looking your loved one in his eye while kissing is also a sign of sincerity.

ē Keep Time: Kissing for a long time can be as annoying as letting go abruptly. The kiss must last long enough for you to get a response from the other person and short enough to make the person yearn for more.

ēSpeak: It is essential to talk while kissing your loved one. Simply kissing is not a good idea, you should be able to gauge and understand what the 'special other' has on mind.

Use Your ImaginationÖ

Half the thrill of a good kiss is the anticipation of what will follow and what this kiss means. But the anticipation comes from being experimental every time you kiss. So let your instincts do the thinking and your lips do the exploring.
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