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A good sense of humor is not just about laughing out loud. It is also not about cracking wisecracks (thatís witticism). It is the ability to take uncomfortable situations in life in the right stride, and the ability to handle these situations in a dignified manner. It is very important that you answer each query as truthfully as you can to get a realistic analysis about your personality. Remember that it is the only way you can work on weaknesses.

  • A colleague uses your bulging waistline as the peg for humor at lunch hour in the presence of others:
    You retort that itís a sign of prosperity, laugh and happily eat away
    You feel bad but laugh it off and eat less
    You retort with smart sarcasm and eat well

  • Your boss yells at you for a missed deadline:
    You are bitter as you are fraught with more than you can handle
    You make a good-humored checklist of `I can meet my deadlines if..í and gently pass the message to your boss
    Well, you just canít help, so you just shrug it off with a smile and get back to work

  • Your spouse/steady date runs into you dressed shabbily when you are out with some important associates/friends, and he/sheís equally embarrassed about it:
    You joke about the attire and laugh in an attempt to lighten up the atmosphere.
    You pretend not to have noticed him/her and are irate that he/she showed up.
    You warmly embrace your mate, make him/her feel comfortable and introduce to your associates and maybe just add `Well, todayís just a bad hair day!í

  • Itís your birthday and your loved one forgets:
    Give the benefit of doubt and do the reminding yourself and demand that he/she kiss you a 100 times to make up.
    You are hurt, but maintain a pleasant front with a smile and high spirits.
    You make it a point to forget his/her birthday.

  • A colleague loses his/her job while youíve just got a promotion:
    Let him/her know you are feeling bad for him/her.
    Do what? He/she deserved it!
    Throw a farewell party in which you are the court jester. After all it could have happened to anyone.

  • Your little niece makes a puddle on an important business document:
    You terrify her with threats to ground her for life.
    Smack on the cheek, retype the document and proudly share the tragic tale with everyone in the office.
    You wince, quickly salvage the document but donít show your state of angst.

  • Your parents are bullying you into getting married:
    Spin exotic yarns about meeting someone every now and then, then have the last laugh.
    Patiently explain that you are not in a hurry to tie the knot.
    Have a row every time the subject emerges.

  • A guest spills wine over your expensive table cloth:
    You carry on dancing. This is party time.
    You quickly clean up and try not to show your depression.
    You start scowling and express your upset.

  • Your boy/girlfriend is perennially late for a date. This time, you plot sweet revenge:
    You decide to give her a taste of her/his own medicine and arrive beaming 40 minutes late.
    You frame a new relationship rule. She/he has to gift you for every late minute.
    You are planning a severe breakup threat.

  • A colleague comments that what you are wearing resembles a tablecloth:
    Get agitated and vow to sabotage his work.
    You start babbling on about how your other clothes were getting laundered.
    Retort that it matches her outfit which resembles a curtain.


    75+ : You are a treat to have around in the most explosive of situations. You can detect the humour in any scenario; you know when to laugh at yourself and you can also turn an embarrassing situation around with your tact and calm. This shows a certain degree of emotional maturity. Only beware that people do not mistake your good humour for compliance and take advantage of your good nature. Good going!

    45-75: You are slightly uptight and taken aback when something offhand takes place. It takes you a while to get your bearings together. But essentially you are sensitive to the others around you. It would do you good to be slightly more spontaneous, cause you will have a lot more fun.

    Under 45: You take yourself a trifle too seriously. You also could have a low self-esteem, which makes you very sensitive to a negative remark or even a difficult situation. Work at being more lighthearted, calm and relaxed and the humour will find a place in your heart. Good luck!

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