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The Benefits Of Ginger (Adrak)

English Name: Ginger

Sanskrit: Shunthi

One of the most ancient and sattvic herbs grown all over India, throughout the year, is Adrak. So why is it called a maha aushadhi? Well, ‘maha’ means great and ‘aushadhi’ means medicine in Sanskrit. True to its name, Sounth or dry adrak is used in many herbal preparations, that are therapeutic for various ailments. Adrak is used both internally as well as externally.

Benefits of Adrak:

• Increases immunity.
• Stimulant for the digestive, respiratory and nervous systems.
• Helps to revitalize a sluggish circulation and removes dullness and inertia.
• Relieves joint pains. It can be rubbed on joints and may be mixed with oil before application.
• Relieves cold-related aches if applied as paste on forehead and on the chest.
• Useful in bringing on delayed menstrual period and in relieving menstrual cramps.
• Sounth works well in cases of malabsorption and flatulence.
• Sounth is also therapeutic for loose bowel movements and strengthens digestive power if given to infant in tiny doses.

Adrak Preparations: Enlisted below are some preparations to tackle day-to-day ailments. Take care while peeling Adrak because the essential oil to which it owes its efficacy, is present in the epidermal tissue.

For Indigestion: Take ¼ - ½ teaspoon of sounth with the first morsel of food or eat a piece of adrak with salt just before a meal. This stimulates the digestive juices, which starts flowing.

For Respiratory problems: Lick a teaspoon of adrak juice mixed with honey or make a herbal tea by simmering fresh or dry adrak in water to which black pepper and tulsi are added. Sounth is also effected in the treatment of pain and swelling anywhere in the body. It increases the quantity of urine slightly.

A Nutritious Drink: Home-made ginger-ale is a delicious and nutritious drink. Wash and cut a medium-sized piece of adrak. Simmer it with a glass of water until the water is reduced by half and is a dark yellow colour. Cool, strain out the adrak. Add sugar or honey to taste. When needed, add soda and/or water.

Precaution: Since adrak and sounth are heat producing herbs, they should be best partaken sparingly in the summer months.

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