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Nothing impresses like a party that rocks and a novel way to be a quintessential favourite with the ladies is to be a good party host. The next time you plan to make a splash, try out these tips and groom yourself to be the perfect host.

• First pick a date for your dinner party.
• Now create a guest list. Opt for an interesting mix of people who will mesh well with each other.
• Also make a list of everything you'll need.
• Send the invites, either verbally, by email or hard copy and confirm attendance as far as possible.
• Select your menu. Make sure to consider the guests that are attending and what would be appropriate to serve. Everything should be hot and ready to go. If you like cooking, make a dish for appetizers or the main course. It’s a sure way to impress!
• Prepare your house for the party. Have some soft lighting, flowers and floating candles in a bowl for decoration.
• Turn one part of your house into a bar. See that it is well-equipped with everything you need. Ask you friends to volunteer as bar tenders, it’s a great way to meet women!
• Set the table, in such a way that your guests can see across the table. See that there is enough sitting place for your guests. If you don’t have enough chairs, just put a mattress on the floor, throw on an attractive bed cover and then add some cushions.
• Organize some good party games that will get the guests into the mood. You could play musical laps, truth or dare, dumb charades and after dinner organize a nice musical session where all could unleash their musical talent.
• Find the perfect mood music. You want music that reflects your personality, without being so intrusive that it makes it difficult to engage in conversation. Choose several different background music selections. If people are in the mood to dance, make sure that you have some foot-tapping tracks at hand too.
• Be especially extra courteous to the ladies. Always check that they have a drink in hand, are not left alone and are having a great time.
• Circulate amongst your guests, and make sure to introduce everyone. It’s a good opportunity to network too.

Last but not the least; a good host is the first person to greet each guest and the last person they say goodbye to. As guests begin to arrive, offer each one a beverage.

Do You Know Your Wine Well Enough?

Does the mention of wine conjure up romantic images of beautiful French women, abundant grape harvests and cozy cafes dotting the river Sine?

Well, besides the romance that is synonymous with wine, one must understand the subtle nuances that surround the beverage. You don’t need to be a connoisseur, but at least the next time you’re sipping wine you’ll know exactly what’s swirling in your mouth. Might we add that your knowledge of wine is an amazing conversation starter especially with women?

Rouge or Red Wine: This variety is full bodied and is normally served at about 18 degrees Celsius. So you could insert it for 5 minutes in an ice bucket before serving. It compliments meat, especially red meat, cheese and spicy food because these foods have very strong aromas. It goes rather well with Indian food.

Blanc or White Wine: White wine is served chilled (the ideal temperature is 10 to 12 degrees Celsius). It is light bodied as compared to red wine. When it comes to fish and seafood, white is your pick.

Rosé or Pinkish Wine: Rose wine is more rarely drunk however it’s ideal to drink in the summer as it refreshes you and is served cold.

These are the basic types of wine.

When you hear wine jargon like ‘Chardonnay’, or ‘Boudreaux’ or ‘Champagne’, remember that these originate from the names of locales in France where these wines were originally produced.

Bonus Tip: If you’re contemplating a romantic dinner for two, the most obvious choice is champagne!

So close your eyes and savour that glass of wine.
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