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Can You Get A Woman Interested In You?

1. I can raise any woman’s interest levels in me by complimenting her

In the popular series Ally Mcbeal, a handsome lawyer compliments Ally on her being very smart and beautiful. She falls for this line and is convinced she wants to be the mother of his kids! Well, it’s not so easy in real life. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t compliment a woman…but do it with sincerity, not because you want to sleep with her or want her to find YOU attractive.

Too many compliments indicate desperation and that you are overdoing the wooing act. Don’t try too hard—it gets obvious after who knows--there may be someone, who can do it better that you. You could be one is a dozen who are trying to evince your interest for her affections.

2. I can raise any woman’s interest levels while bragging about how great I am…

Don’t kid yourself. Just because your date is listening quietly to your self-talk doesn’t mean she is finding it interesting and is impressed by you. She’s probably waiting for the evening to end, so that she never has to endure a one-sided conversation ever again!

It’s true that women respond quite favorably to wealth, power and success in a man, but try dropping in subtle hints rather resorting to name-dropping and plying her with figures.

The real man emanates self-confidence. It is far better to let her work a little, to discover what an amazing man you are. Expect respect for yourself and you will get it.

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