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Trendy Gym Clothing for Men

-Meera Mittal

With health, nutrition & stress relief taking centre stage in our ever more frenzied lives, gym, health club & fitness are more than buzz words today. Getting with a fitness regime is today seen as less a fad and more a necessity of life.


Dressing for Exercise

Before starting a fitness routine, you need to determine what kind of clothing and shoes you will need. Here are some tips for dressing for comfort when you work out.

These days, it seems like they make a shoe for almost every activity. Its important to wear the right shoes depending on your activity of choice. For example, for running, you might want a lightweight shoe; for kick boxing, ankle-high sneakers will help protect your ankles. But the most important thing is to choose shoes that fit well and are comfortable. Make sure you have
enough room for toes with socks. Choose shoes that give your foot enough support, especially the arch.
Choose between regular lace up shoes or contemporary slip on type. If lace ups are your style of choice, then be careful to keep them properly tied while using gym equipment. If you don't, you risk injury.
You don't need to spend a fortune to get a sturdy pair of athletic shoes. Factory outlets are increasingly the best place to get branded shoes, at earthly prices. Do check the shoes carefully before purchasing though, as there maybe minor visible defects.


What you wear will depend on what your activity is, whether it's indoor or outdoor, and what the weather is like. When exercising you should make sure you don't get overheated, or too cold.
When exercising outdoors in chilly weather or indoors in air conditioned environs, make sure you wear enough layers. You can shed them if you feel too hot. Several light layers often work better than one heavy layer.

The layer closest to your skin should absorb moisture & take it away from your skin. This could be a muscle vest or t-shirt.
Another layer should provide warmth (if needed) and support to keep you comfortable as you move, such as a zip front jacket/ hoodie.
  Most importantly make sure your exercise clothes are comfortable. Loose-fitting track pants, cargos or shorts, paired with a comfortable t-shirt or sweatshirt are best. These work for most activities like weight training, hiking and kick boxing.
Your clothes should allow you plenty of room for moving and stretching. Avoid pieces that have unnecessary cords, tight elastication and fastenings, especially around the neck, wrists and ankles. These could restrict your breathing, movement and circulation or get
caught in equipment and cause injury.
Fabrics like cotton that breathe (allow air to circulate) are best, so that your clothing doesn't stick to you too much when you sweat. Its best to take into account a support for high intensity cardio activities like running, kick boxing, aerobics and cycling.
Remember, you don't need to dress to impress just to be at ease and active!
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