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Do you get yourself into an entangled mess every time you start knotting your tie? At midnight mass this year, make sure your tie has the perfect knot by learning this simple procedure.

  • Button your shirt right up to the collar.

  • Turn the collar upwards and line the tie around the collar. Let the wide part of the tie hang twice as low as the narrow part. If you are right handed, let the wide end hang on that side, if you are left handed, let the wide end hang on your left side.

  • Take the wider end of the tie and wrap it around the thin end once, a little bit below your neck.

  • A knot will be formed -- slip the wide end through the knot.

  • Pull the thin end and the wide end, from below, to tighten the knot.

  • If you are right-handed, hold the thin end with your left hand and slide the knot up to your neck (be careful not to choke yourself in the process). Similarly, if you are left-handed, hold the thin end with your right hand and slide the knot up to your neck.

    Voila, you have a perfect knot (provided you follow the instructions right)! Merry Christmas!


    How many mornings have you wasted wrestling the silk demon that refuses to settle down? Tie times can be quite trying especially when one is pressed for time and little or no knowledge on how to handle the garment. A peek into the making of this garment:

    Region and meaning
    The stripes usually run from top left to bottom right (from heart to sword) in English ties. With Americans the slant is diagonally opposite, with stripes running from right to left. Regimental or 'repp' ties spoke of allegiances or memberships to specific organizations.

    Selecting A Silken Tie
    If you are going in for a silken tie, remember that you are paying for the material and double check its quality.
    • Pinch the tie gently to check the thickness of the material, remember it is the silk and not the lining that must be thick.
    • The silk must have weight and be smooth, anything else is a compromise. Hand sewn ties are much better than their machine-made cousins.
    • Ensure that tie won't twist around to display its label. Allow the garment to dangle mid air by holding it by its narrow end and raising it high.
    • If it flips back, replace it, this is poor quality workmanship. The garment must stay stiff.
    • The colors of your tie should blend well with your skin tone and eye color as well as the jacket suit you are planning to team it with. So carry your suit jacket along with you while shopping for a new tie.
    • Find a pattern that is interesting and tasteful.

    Check if the tie looks good on you. Now-a-days most stores allow customers to try on ties.


    • To get that perfect plum tie knot insert a finger at the base of the knot and slowly pull the tie to the collar's edge. Lightly clipping the sides of the knot will give the tie a swell, plum look.
    • The tie, as a rule should be long enough to touch the belt. Make sure that belt buckles are covered with the end of the tie.
    • Always loop your tie through the narrow strip stitched on the underside of the tie. Flapping loose ends look shabby and unkempt.
    • Do not wrench the tie from the shirt at the end of the day. Unknot it gently and drape it on the tie-rack. Folding or stuffing the garment will ruin it.
    • It is better to dry clean the tie instead of washing it. Do not try to blot of stains with a detergent or stain remover, this damages the fabric.
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