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With the New Year just around the corner, it's time to think of new beginnings. While you can't exactly give your body a makeover in a month, there's lots you can do to maximise your great physical qualities and minimise the bad. Not only does this make you more attractive to the opposite sex, it also makes you feel good about yourself.

This is how you can maximise your best physical qualities...

1. Identify them
From a great set of teeth to a strong jaw-line and even a slim and trim body type, your best quality could be anything. Once you've identified your best physical quality, work on maximising it.

2. Cash in on your assets
Even if you are slim and trim, do some free-hand exercises at home to tone your muscles. Do away with all the loose ill-fitting clothes and wear clothes that fit well. If you've got a great set of teeth, smile! Not only will it improve your face value, you'll also appear to be a friendlier and a more likable person.

3. Fish for compliments
This may seem a tad vain, but actually it's a great way to boost your ego (in all the right ways of course). Ask close family members and friends to help you focus on your best physical qualities. And when you wear that nice body fit stretch t-shirt go right ahead and ask your best friend, "Hey, how do I look in this t-shirt?"

4. Work around your weak points
Now just because you've identified your best physical qualities, it doesn't mean you ignore the ones that are not quite the best. More often than not you'll have a couple of not-so-great qualities that you should work on for best results. If you've got a great smile, it'd probably do you good to keep your facial hair neat and trimmed. If you've got sexy eyes, how about shaping you heavy eyebrows and doing away with those glasses and wearing contact lenses? Now that's as idea!

5. Be Confident
We can't stress on this enough… confidence makes all the difference! Be who you are and people will notice you for all the right reasons. Don't try too hard and don't expect miracles overnight. Even the small changes may take a month or two to be noticed, but they will be noticed eventually.


Yes, macho is cool... but so is being well groomed. And so what if that makes you metrosexual, at least you get to look good! Here's how you can put not only your best foot but also your best face forward when you step out during the upcoming festive season:

1. Spruce up your face
It's a cliche but it's said that your face is the mirror to the inner you. Well, your face may not be the mirror to the inner you, but it will definitely mirror the damage the sun and pollution have wrecked on it. So, go for a facial treatment that will open your clogged pores, remove the blackheads and allow your skin to breathe.

2. Tame those nails
There's nothing wrong in getting a manicure (for hands) and pedicure (for feet). It's a great way to keep your nails healthy and your feet and hands in great shape. These treatments remove dead nail cuticle and even dead skin from tricky areas such as the soles of your feet, making your feet look well groomed.

3. Relax deeply with a deep tissue massage
Like you, your body gets tired too. So, give your body some much needed rest and relaxation and relieve it of building pressures and pain by getting a deep tissue massage. It uses slower and firmer strokes to release muscular pain and gives you a general sense of well being.

4. Treat your body with a wrap!
If you ever want to know what it feels like to be a mummy (the dead kind), a body wrap is just for you! Only, it promises to tighten your skin and eliminate toxins. Get wrapped in bandages already soaked with a ready mixture of mineral salts and clay that works wonders for your skin. Ideally, you'll be covered with a warm blanket so that you perspire... this aids the detoxification process. After an hour, the bandages are removed and the clay is wiped off. Some therapists may recommend you don't take a shower as this allows the residual clay to continue with the tightening and detox process.

All said and done, there's no harm in going the metrosexual way... not only do you get to keep your masculinity but the girl too!


It's superficial, but it's a reality -- people judge you on your looks. You could be rich as hell, dressed like a star, but if you're aura is like Fred Flinstone you will be perceived accordingly. It is more important to look to look your best whenever you go out or have company. To avoid physical problems associated with poor hygiene, consider the following ideas to keep yourself clean.

Hair Care
Keep your hair clean and conditioned to ensure it stays healthy, strong and in good shape. Infrequent washes will lead to greasy hair and also stunt its growth. Regular haircuts help portray a clean and trim appearance. Set aside one day a week (preferably a Saturday or Sunday, when you have more time) to tend to ear, nose, armpit and chest hair.

Dental Care
It’s critical to visit your dentist at least every six months to keep your teeth free from tartar build-up and tooth decay. Brushing and flossing your teeth help minimize the amount of bacteria in your mouth.

Clean Body
Taking a bath or shower daily is very important to ensuring your body stays clean. There's just no excuse for missing a shower when you wake up, before you go out for the night or after a workout. Water, soap, towel. Simple.

Shaving the face enables it to stay cleaner and is a more acceptable hygienic practice, especially for those who work in the corporate world. You don't necessarily have to shave, but at least ensure that your face is clean and free of ‘debris.’ Wash your face at least once a day to remove all dirt and grime that you may have come in contact with during the course of the day. To keep your face free from wrinkles and pimples, use some a moisturizer which will ensure your face stays rejuvenated and fresh.

Tending to Your Hands
In the corporate world, handshakes can make or break you; whilst dating, a woman expects to see nice hands. Make sure to trim your fingernails (as well as toenails) regularly, scrape away the dirt with a ‘nail cleaner’ or a nailbrush (which you can keep in the shower to save time). Wash your hands frequently to avoid sweaty, sticky hands, and use lotion on occasion (to keep them smooth). To ensure you don’t carry fecal or other bacteria wash your hands after using the restroom.

Apply Lip Balm
There is nothing worse than looking at chapped lips. Find a good lip balm and use it regularly. Just don't put too much on, or it will end up looking like lip gloss.

Dress Elegantly
You don't need a suit unless the occasion calls for it. Always wear clean, wrinkle-free clothes from your drawer or closet. Well fitted clothes are a bonus.

Make Use of Cologne
Pick a fragrance that identifies with your personality. Stick to one scent, other than combining multiple fragrances. You don’t want to smell like a garden of roses.

Shine your Shoes
Shoes tell a lot about a man. Make sure to polish your shoes on a regular basis. Inappropriate, shabby shoes tell the world that you either don't have money or don't care - neither option is attractive.


What do women want? It’s a question that always baffles the male mind. Is it looks? Is it personality? Is it moolah? ….Naturally it’s the physical make up of a man that first strikes a woman. A well-toned physique, lustrous curls and piercing black eyes maybe…But once we get past the looks, what keeps a man perennially sexy in the eyes of a woman? Well, there's a lot more than meets the eye, and men everywhere need to decipher that lethal combination that does it for a woman.

You’ve Got Style
Forget good looks for a moment. A woman definitely takes notice of a man who dresses and grooms himself with care. Style often comes from knowing that you’re looking your best, and believe or not, confidence will follow naturally.

Stimulating The Intellect
Well-toned abs and well-rounded biceps aren’t the only pre-requisites to being a truly well-rounded individual. You need to use your intellect to fire up any woman's interest level and imagination!

Compliments galore
If she has lovely eyes, great style or an amazing sense of humour, look her straight in the eye and compliment her. She isn't competition but a powerful stimulus that makes your reflexes stand on edge. And it’s okay to make her feel like the most desirable woman in the universe.

Unleash Your Scentsitivity
There's nothing more stimulating than a man who smells good. You shouldn't bathe in perfume, mind you. Just spray on enough to expand the aura surrounding you.

Style, intelligent, confidence, good manners, they all add up to that lethal combination which leaves a woman panting for more.


The desire to be fit is nursed by all of us. We tend to envy musclemen and we crave for voluptuous biceps, abs that ripple and buns made of steel. We work out regularly and the craving for muscle gradually gets obsessive and we don’t know when to call it quits.

No doubt muscles do make guys’ look and feel their sexiest. But obsessive weightlifting could adversely affect your sex life, because if you are planning to spend most of your time in a gym, you may be too exhausted for a session of love-making.

This is because the hormone that enables you to add mass to your muscles when you exercise is testosterone—which is also responsible for igniting sexual desire. So, logically speaking your testosterone level may fall temporarily after lovemaking, as your desire has been satiated. A rational train of thought would lead one to conclude that having sex before a workout could have some effect on your ability to bulk up. Reversely, a heavy dose of working out could drain you out, and your sexual appetite and energy could be curbed.

In the scheme of things, it is very important that you always maintain a perspective on your body, your health, and your priorities. Find a medium of exercise that is best suited for you and indulge in a moderate dose of it. The stamina, toned muscles, and endorphins from the two forms of exercise really make for excellent sex after a vigorous workout!!!
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