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Summer vacation is probably the best time of the year in a student's life. This is the time when you have the license to be free and not follow the strict rules of school. Here are a few tips which will make your vacation an enjoyable experience.

1. Clean Your Room.
This should be the first activity of your vacations. Put away anything you don't need this season; homework, bulky Christmas sweaters, etc. Clear out your garbage for a clean start this summer. Getting rid of the unwanted burden will make you feel free and rejuvenated. This will ensure a carefree and hassle free vacation.

2. Get Outside
You've stayed inside for most of the winter; get out your bike and go for a nice long ride. Grab a friend or two and go hiking. Go to the beach, lake or ocean for an afternoon of swimming and tanning. Go jogging or even just for a walk in the park or on the side walk. Walk your dog (or your neighbors if you don't own a dog).

3. Go Camping
Gather some friends and go set up a tent somewhere; a yard, open field (if you're allowed), or a camp site. Make sure you have the necessary equipment so that you are not stranded and have nothing to do. Try to set up camp by lake if you want camping and swimming.

4. Make a scrapbook of the Summer
Buy several disposable cameras in the beginning of summer and carry them around with you. When you go out with your friends, take a few snapshots. Buy some cheap stickers, glue sticks, glitter, etc and have fun.

5. Spend Time With Your Loved Ones
Make an effort to spend as much quality time with your family and friends as possible. Maybe go for a picnic or to a hill station. Enjoy every moment with your loved ones thoroughly as these are the times you will cherish the most in future.


by Girija Naiksatam

The New Year dance is one of the most coveted events in the diary of a student's calendar. Not only it is the time to dance away joyfully, it is also the perfect opportunity to defy the traditional dress code laid down by your institution. Use these tips to stand out in the crowd:

1. Girls, Dress hot, not vulgar
Donít get too liberal with the length of your skirts. Experiment with skirts in different prints, cuts and colors. Go for the ethnic look with flair ankle length skirts paired with a simple tank top. They're very lady like and wonít have you worried about which of the guys have their lecherous eyes on you (or your legs).

2. Guys, go the suit way
This is your first chance to impress the ladies, so suit up! Formal always works. Choose a well fitting pair of trousers and pair it with a crisp formal shirt. To add a little more 'fun' factor; opt for the informal cartoon printed or colourful ties.

3. Experiment with colors
Since you're young, you can carry colors off! Try and stay away from the traditional navy blues, grays and the maroons set in satin. Girls can opt for bold colors like golden yellow, orange and shades of green or purple. The guys can go for cream white, beige or jet black suits in one button or two buttons style, but do remember to experiment with bolder colours like purple, rust, turquoise blue and so on for the shirts inside.

4. Remember, shoes maketh people
Shoes will lend the finishing touch to your overall look. Keep in mind that there will probably be a lot of dancing at your prom, so choose your shoes accordingly. Ladies, wear heels only if you're comfortable in them for long period of time. For the guys, remember to polish your shoes till they're shiny and you can see your reflection in them.

5. Wear the right attitude
To make the most of any social event, make sure you go with the right attitude. A school/college party is generally something that everyone looks forward to, but in the process, be certain that your idea of fun doesn't get you or someone else into trouble. And of course, be comfortable with whatever you wear. Enjoy!



by Girija Naiksatam

Summer vacations are best explained by holidays, friends, long hours of playing in the field, ice cream and lots of mangoes. But what about those hot summer afternoons? Here are some quick craft ideas to keep you entertained when the sun is high.


You will need:

Fabric/ Felt cloth
Embellishments such as sequins, buttons
Different material for lining

1. Cut 31/2" by 101/4" pieces out of fabric or felt in your choice of color. Then cut the lining of the same size.

2. Sew together the two short ends with right sides facing each other. Place the round elastic on one short side so that it forms a loop.

3. Next, turn it inside out and sew the 2 sides in such a way that you fold the strip to make a bag.

5. Pick fancy buttons of your choice and sew them on the front so that it adjusts to the elastic loop.

6. If you wish, you could sew a ribbon on to the side so that it acts as a strap to hang the cover.

7. You can now embellish your cover with sequins and buttons etc. to make it look fancier.


You will need:

Soft Cardboard
A pair of scissors
Decorative paper
Wooden Stamp designs
Projector/plastic sheet

1. Cut the soft cardboard into a four sided frame about an inch and a half in thickness, uniform on all sides. Adjust the length according to your requirements.

2. Cover the frame in decorative paper. If the paper is colored but plain, you can use the wooden stamp designs and stamp them onto the front of the frame. When using the wooden stamps, dip them in colors like golden and silver that make the frame look a little richer.

3. Now invert your frame and place the projector or plastic sheet on the other side. Although this isnít necessary, the plastic sheet will help to preserve the photograph inside the frame for longer.

4. Cut out a piece of soft cardboard a little bigger than the center of the frame and stick it on the reverse side of the frame. Make sure that only three of the four sides are attached to the frame to allow room to slip a picture in and out of the frame.

5. Lastly, cut out a long strip of soft cardboard and fold it in the shape of a triangle. Now attach it to the back of the frame so that it acts as a stand.


by Girija Naiksatam

The vacations are finally here! And that means no school or college, more fun and more play.
But, at the same time, the summers bring with them the killing heat, the sweat and the grime.
So, while you let cricket and football take up the mornings and the evenings, here are a few game recommendations thatíll keep your grey cells buzzing on a hot summer afternoon:

1. Text Twirl: One of the most exploited online word game applications offered by the social networking website Facebook, Text Twirl allows users to test their language skills by offering them word jumbles and timing them to build words from the same.
2. Sudoku:
Available online as well as offline, Sudoku is logic and number based puzzle that involves filling in a 9X9 grid with no repetition of numbers. What makes it more fun on the internet is the fact that you can compete with people from all over the world. And although it may seem taxing for starters, once you get the hang of it, itíll be hard for you to let go of the screen.
3. Scrabble:
The famous vocabulary building word game gets even more fun when you play it online. A little lacking in terms of touch and feel of the real board, the multiple web applications that offer Scrabble allow you to choose the level of difficulty and also your partners (from all over the globe), letting you compete on various levels.
4. Risk:
If youíre not too keen on sitting in front of a computer, you can opt to spend your afternoons planning Ďworld dominationí through a game of Risk. The aim of this four to six player game is to use your commercial and strategic skill sets to capture as much territory from your opponents as you can. An afternoon cant get more fun and challenging!
5. Chess:
One of the oldest and sharpest games that ideally should always be on your shelf is Chess. Enjoyed for centuries by the kings, ministers and paupers, this game is a perfect amalgam of intelligence, strategy, cunningness and foresight.

Go on and try these mind teasing fun games to give your vacations a whole new fun dimension. Just a word of caution: donít get addicted!


The time you waited for through the year is finally here. So if you canít make up your mind about how you should spend your summer vacations, here is some help. Take a look at these ideas that can make your summer vacations fun filled as well as extremely fruitful:

1. Pick up or fine tune a hobby
If you donít have a hobby, this is the right time to pick up one because a hobby not only enhances your personality but also saves you from feeling lonely and bored. If you already have a hobby, this is the time to hone it. Join relevant classes or get a personal instructor to chisel your existing skill set.

2. Live your dream
If you always dreamt of being able to dance like Hritik Roshan or Madhuri Dixit or Tango like an expert, then what are you waiting for? This is the perfect time to live your dream. So go right ahead and make the relevant arrangements.

3. Get a summer job
A summer job bursts the bubble of student life and teaches you some valuable lessons that you are likely to remember forever. It is a great idea for those who want to get a taste of the professional world that they soon will be a part of.

4. Give back to your parents
Your parents ensured all your needs were taken care of, when your exams were on. Now itís your turn to ensure that your busy parents get some time to relax. So finish whatever chores you can for them, and make them feel special.

5. Exercise!
Now that you have the time, take care of your health by following a daily exercise regime and a diet plan to get the desired results.

Happy vacationing!




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