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Research Your Audience Before The Speech

Find out about the type of audience that you are to speak in front of. In this way you can tailor make your speech to suit the listeners. Any topic can be spoken about in front of anyone, what is needed that it should be couched in words that the listener can understand and relate to.

For instance, if you are presenting a paper at a seminar there are bound to be learned academicians in the audience. So you should be using technical terms and precise information.

If however, you are faced with the prospect of speaking about the same topic in front of laymen you will need to replace technical terms with easy to understand terms and present your facts in terms that they can relate to.

Overcome Your Fear Of Talking In Public

You have to say something in front of a small group of people and your throat feels parched, your tongue seems to stick to your mouth – you feel panicky and ready to flee. Sounds familiar? A slight change in attitude coupled with a few practical tips should set you on the right path. First and foremost arm yourself with the knowledge that it is not just you but almost everyone is scared of speaking in public. Some show it and some do not. Accept the fear and channelize it in a helpful manner. The fear will keep you alert and prevent you from making careless mistakes. While speaking start off by using short simple sentences that are grammatically correct. Do your homework well and be thorough about the subject matter that you are going to speak on. Practice with friends and be open to constructive criticism.

Handling fear before a stage appearance

Fear governs quite a few of our activities. It makes us anticipate rejection, ridicule and failure. A very common fear is stage fright. Why is it that most of us fall prey to it? The answer is the possibility of goofing up on stage and being subjected to ridicule. How then do we handle such a situation?

Face it, yes it is possible that you might trip while walking towards the mike – be careful and it won’t happen and say it does happen just pick yourself up and walk on, you are after all human. Anybody can trip.

You may forget your words. Yes you may. But arm yourself with mastery over the language and you can improvise. Research your theme well and speak extempore.

Now think, is it possible to rid yourself of stage fright or at least handle it well? Yes, definitely. Have faith in yourself and work towards removing the shortcomings that could possibly cause failure and you can speak in front of any audience.




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