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by Girija Naiksatam

With Web 2.0 technology taking over our lives, it's only a matter of time before it takes over the school syllabus and college curriculum. But, as it is the case with most things, the boon of the internet depends on how well you actually use it. Here are a few tips on how you can make the most of the world wide web to ace those term papers:

Research: Every time you learn something new in school, log on to the internet and read up. There isn't a single subject that you won't find information about. This way you're wandering out of the four walls of your classroom and textbooks and have a better grounding about the subject as well.

Related Items: Every time you look for something on the internet, you'll get a series of other links that include material related to the matter. Eg: If you look for the 'Ohm' unit on Wikipedia, not only will you get information about the symbol but you'll also find information about related topics in Physics such as current, resistance etc, which will provide you with a better background.

Develop a Point of View: The world of blogs is a whole new arena in itself. Sometimes you may stumble upon a blog and read up something you're completely unaware of. Most of the time you'll get to read people's opinions on certain matters. The reason this helps is, the more information you open your mind to and the more opinions you read, the more you can develop your own set of beliefs and attitudes.

Stay updated with Current Affairs: Newspapers today aren't what they used to be. They tend to be biased, control, contort and even withhold information sometimes. That's why we don't always get to read the truth. But with the internet and multiple news agencies cropping up, you have a varied data base from where you can source your information about what's going on in the country as well as the international scene.

Visual Learning: Visual learning is said to be one of the best ways of grasping information. With so many video platforms such as Vimeo, Youtube etc. available on the web, you are bound to find a video guide for most topics and subjects.

So go ahead and explore the infinite world of the web but remember to be responsible and focused on what you want to read.
Optimize The Use Of A Search Engine

Many of you have written to us for tips on surfing the net. So here goes one of the very first of them:

Equate your search query to the information that you give to your doctor when you are under treatment. The more you tell him the easier it will be for him to give you the right medicine.

At the same time if you type in detailed queries, while you will get better matches for your search, you will also attract a lot of irrelevant site based on qualitative words used by you.

So do give more information, but limit it to a small phrase with three or four keywords (it need not make a proper grammatical sentence) that specify what you are looking for. This will help you get more accurate results than a single word query.

Archives In Your Machine

An archive is a file that contains several other files in a compressed format. It is the equivalent of stuffing many items into a small pocket for the purpose of easy storage or transportation. To use an archive file you need to have the ‘decompressing’ program or in other words the right way to open the small pocket so that when the items come out they are in a usable form. Several such programs are available for free (for a limited usage period) on the net. The most popular ones being winzip and netzip.

What Is Demoware?

If you are downloading a program from the net and it is classified as demoware then what does it mean? The term demoware tells you that the version that you are downloading is incomplete in some way. As you do not have to pay for it certain features are disabled. And every time you click at this disabled feature you get a message that tells you that the feature does not work in a demo version. These disabled features hold a promise of goodies that you can get your hands on when you buy the retail version




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