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Downloading Blues

When you are in the middle of downloading a program from the net and get disconnected it affects your download. The next time you download you need to start all over again. A break in connectivity can be nerve racking especially if your download had crossed the 50% mark. A colossal waste of time and resources. To avoid such pitfalls programs that take up a download from where it was cut off have been developed. The most popular ones are GetRight and Godzilla. What’s more these are freewares! So you don’t need to pay for these downloads.
Mathematics And Your Search Engine

The use of a ‘+’ sign before the key word that you enter for a search, will ensure that the matches that you get will definitely have your keyword. Any extraneous links will not be displayed.

• Similarly if you use the ‘- ’ (minus) sign will get you opposite results. The word that you do not want will be dropped from your search query. This proves very useful in some cases to narrow down the search query.

• Using a ‘x’ (multiplication) sign also gets results similar to the use of the plus sign.

Basic Errors You Face On The Web

Often, error windows balloon on the screen when surfing. There’s an explanation for each of these error messages. Here are some of them:

• ERROR 403 - Forbidden Pages

you are not authorized to view the content of this site.

• ERROR 503 - Service Unavailable

Normally, the page would be there, but there is a temporary problem. Try again in a minute or so later.

• File Contains No Data

This means that the page you are trying to go to actually exists, but nothing is available at that point of time. Retry after a few minutes; the site might be in the process of being updated.




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