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Help! I Am Faring Badly In My Exams

Faring badly in exams in spite of studying hard and learning your lessons? The problem area may be lying in your listening habits. Here are a few tips on hearing right and learning correctly. Follow them, they are sure to better results.

•Do not ‘selectively’ turn a deaf ear to words and sentences. Paying total attention to what is being said constitutes for good listening. This means that you hear every word of what is being said rather than merely what you want to hear.
•Think about the topic and also other areas that are concerned with the topic. This additional information will help retention capacity.
• Apart from what is being taught, brush up your knowledge and refresh your memory by fortifying that which you already know.
• Understand the crux of the matter and relate to it. Once the concept has crystallized in your mind’s eye there is little chance that you are going to forget it.
• Listen to the teacher and make note of important dog marks that are attached to each topic. Treat them likewise.

Escaping Black Outs During Exams!!

Having spent the better part of the previous evening in solving a particularly tricky math problem you are stupefied when you cannot crack a similar question. You have completely blanked out and, there are no resources that now come to your rescue from the recesses of your mind and YOU PANIC.

Sounds familiar? There is a simple solution to overcome this:
• CALM DOWN. Consciously remove the feeling of fear and you will be able to look at the question objectively, instead of feeling daunted by it.
• Do not think about the problem for a few minutes. Instead think about pleasant thoughts that help calm your nerves.

• Think positive. Remind yourself that you have studied this problem and will be able to solve it.
• Once you are relatively calmed look at the question from an objective perspective and proceed to solve it.

There is no replacing positive reaffirmation and single-minded attention to the problem on hand. So concentrate and solve it.




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