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by Girija Naiksatam

Ever since the availability of the internet increased manifold and made everything, including education, available on the go, there has been a debate raging about the true weightage of online degrees. So instead of taking this side or that, here's taking a look at both the pros and the cons:


The academic aide of things: A lot of people who jumped into jobs right after college without attending a post graduate school find great use in online degrees. The reason being, it provides them an inroad to the formal side of education in terms of course content and reading material that forms the base for future learning.

Valuing the degree: There are quite a few places that value, and in fact, propagate online degrees. Today, many management and research institutes advise their students to opt for an online degree in terms of study and testing while they continue to put in the man hours in their field of work. And this works brilliantly well for most who then get the benefit of both sides.

For one's own satisfaction: Many people are often rendered disappointed when, for whatever reason, they can't attend a full time college or diploma course. Thus an online course often becomes their best bet since it allows them the freedom to choose their subject, area and especially time frame of study. This provides them the knowledge base they needs and boosts their confidence.


Your area of work: The significance of an online degree is largely dependent on your area of work. For example, an online degree would be beneficial for a Human Resources professional but not for someone studying ‘Production' which requires more practical knowledge.

Not applicable in real time: Online degrees are often seen in comparison with those provided by educational institutions. The big disadvantage is that educational institutions often put together an entire program where students get to be a part of the classroom teaching as well as the practical application of the knowledge. When matched alongside an online program, you already know which one stands to lose.

Fraud: When it comes to matters on the internet, it's hard to find out what's real and what's not. The question of credibility is always one of the most relevant as far as online degrees are concerned and there have been cases where students have complained of being duped.

International relevance: When you're talking about an international degree, you must take into consideration how many places it is valid and recognized in.

If you take a decision knowing exactly what to expect, you will not be left feeling disappointed.


by Girija Naiksatam

With entertainment crossing leaps and bounds and plunging into our backyard, it’s no wonder that being glamorous has become a talent and a profession in itself. This is also probably one of the many reasons why youngsters today are opting for careers that offer them generous doses of glamour. If you're one of those who are smitten by the bug, here are a few profession choices for you where glamour goes hand in glove with the job.

1. Modelling
If you've got the height, body, face and can strut your stuff while having a lens pointed towards you, modelling could be a good career option. While the money and the life might seem appealing, be warned that there’s a lot of hard work, late hours, pressure, challenges and high heels involved.

2. Fashion Designing
If you know your cross-stitch from your running-stitch and also keep a tab on the latest trends, try your hand at fashion designing. The job comes with the glamour and heavy responsibility of defining new fashion for the season, but only if you manage to beat down the heavy competition and stick to it despite a slow income spiral. Being creative, path breaking in your thoughts and ability to tap into trends is a must have for this profession.

3. Music
Every second youngster today plays in a rock band. While that sounds really appealing when you’re in college, the truth is that only a few bands go on to make it big in the music industry that’s obsessed with Bollywood. On the other hand, you could look at the option of playback singing for Bollywood as well. You could also look at specializing in playing an instrument. Go for it if you’ve got grit, determination and a good sense of music!

4. Restaurateur
Every person who loves food would have always thought of starting his own restaurant. And while restaurateurs make it seem easy and fabulous, the downside is that it involves a lot of self-financing, years of hard work and most of all, a deep understanding of your consumer’s palates, something that needs to be done even before you start looking for a space.

5. Writing
Everyone wishes they could be that writer people know and talk about, the one with all good reviews and negligible critics, the one who the media flocks around. However, if you really want to become a writer, be courageous and do it only for the love of writing because the money is always fluctuating and the critics are always well armed. If you are lucky and talented enough, apart from creative satisfaction, you will manage to bag money and fame too.


by Girija Naiksatam

Gone are the days when aspiring to become a doctor or an engineer was the only career path youngsters chose. Today, with multiple sectors booming, occupation options have increased manifold. Here are some new and interesting job profiles that have caught many a youngsters’ eye and are emerging as new favourites:

1. Writer: If you have a flair for words, there could be nothing more satisfying than taking up an occupation which requires you to write. You could be a copywriter, a journalist, a features writer or simply a professional blogger. What makes things easier is that you can operate in your area of interest or expertise, be it music, travel, politics, literature or movies.

2. Hair Stylist: After ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ brought in the famous ‘spiked’ look, the country began to take notice of hair beyond just coconut oil. With international giants setting up salons in the country, haircuts have now become the quintessential grooming ritual. If you like to cut and create, have a sense of style and have oodles of patience, make sure you enroll yourself in one of the hair academies.

3. Voice Artiste: If you’re blessed with a voice that pleases, you would have no problem finding your space in the entertainment industry. The recent boom in electronic media has placed radio jockeys and voice over artistes on a high pedestal. And what’s more, if you know your G sharps from your A minors, you can even lend your voice to a background score or a radio jingle.

4. Documentary Filmmaker: A great combination of academic and practical knowledge, Documentary Filmmaking can offer you a barrage of opportunities. There could be nothing more satisfying than choosing an issue close to your heart, researching it, traveling, capturing it and telling your story through your lens. However, take it up only for true passion because the money definitely isn’t the bonus here.

5. Flair Bartender: A little unusual, flare bartending is for those who are willing to try something a little less ordinary and especially for those who like to play with fire (literally). Juggling flaming bottles, entertaining crowds and serving them might seem like a handful but when the work hours are easy and the moolah is good, it’s no surprise that so many youngsters are steadily taking it up.

But if you are still struggling to decide on a career, the best thing for you to do would be to analyse your strengths and weaknesses and choose a path accordingly. After all, a career must be in tune with how you think and what you are so that you enjoy every minute of it.





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