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Your Power To Do The Best

Negative thoughts are a student's greatest enemy. They come from within and have the power to demolish self-confidence. Interestingly, the ammunition to kill this enemy also lies within us. It's your vast repertoire of positive thoughts. The only thing one needs to do is dip into one's armory, pick out a positive thought and dwell on it long enough for the thought to expand and fill our mind to such an extent that the enemy is completely vanquished.

• While rearing positive thought is to never undermine one's own capacity and aptitude as compared to others.
• Always remind yourself that you are a unique person and no one can be 'you' as efficiently as you yourself can!
• What comes easily to some may be difficult for others. One must do one's best by using natural abilities and talents.
• Of course hard work does go a long way in making up for lack of aptitude. But ensure that you are focusing the hard work in the right direction.
• There are bound to be people who seem to be greater achievers than yourself, but that should not be a depressant or set you off thinking that you lack in some way.
• Remember no one can make you feel inadequate without your permission. Count your blessings and concentrate on what needs to be done.

Pull yourself out of the blues

Think about how many times you have been upset over trivial matters and ruined your day walking around with a long face and in a lousy mood that would have affected not only you but also those close to you.

On hindsight, you may feel terrible about having done that. You may even resolve not to let such a situation trap you again. Resolves are fine, but you do need something to sustain the resolve? And what is that something?

The next time you catch yourself feeling blue consciously detach yourself from the situation and take an objective look at it. You will be able to rationalize the situation. Once you do so you are working upwards and you will find yourself climbing out from the depths of despair that the situation has plunged you into. Let your guiding thought be ‘tough times do not last only tough people do’.




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