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There is no one right way to manage your time. We all have 168 hours in a week to use as we wish. However, some people make better use of this time than others do. The key is in knowing yourself and knowing your priorities so that you can make efficient decisions about how to use your time.

Vishakha, 17, who secured 88% marks in HSC confesses that studying smart and improving time utilization is her secret for success. She says, “Even while preparing for HSC exams, I devoted enough time to my hobbies like swimming and learning music. I have done well because whenever I sit to study I studied with great focus and attention. I wanted to score well so I worked for it in all sincerity. I studied whenever and wherever I could and had no fixed routine as such. If I could study while travelling to school also, I did it. It saved my time and made me feel that I had more time in hand when I reached home.”

Understand the value of time
Time Management skills are essential for successful people - these are the practical techniques which have helped the leading people in business, sport and public service reach the pinnacles of their careers. Considering that spent time can never be brought back, it becomes essential to use time judiciously to do all that you want along with studies. It is mastery over this skill that will let you divide your time effectively as a student so that you are able to fit in enough fun and play in your schedule apart from work.

Here are some ways that will help you use your time more effectively...

Master the art of prioritizing
Write down in your diary what is most important for you at this point in time. If it is studies then allot 60% of your awake time to that, whether at home, at coaching classes or at school. Club relaxing activities like watching TV and listening to music with your mealtime and family time to which you must allot 10% of your time. Try and eat all meals with family so that you necessarily spend that time bonding with the family. This really has the ability to take the stress of your mind and when you will get back to studying, you will be surprised at how fresh and focused you feel. Allot about 10% of your time to sports or outdoor activities that are very essential for rejuvenating the body and the mind. Do not forget to devote 5% of your time to your hobbies, very important for keeping your soul alive. The remaining 5% of your time should be kept for incidental activities and daily activities. However, you need not stick to this division of time. Based on your lifestyle and priorities, you need to draw a plan in this style so that you are able to fit in everything you like in your schedule without sacrificing your studies.

Don’t while away time day dreaming
Keep your routine very packed with activities and leave no space for day dreaming and whiling away. If you must daydream, do it while you bathe or climb stairs or walk to a destination.

Multi tasking is the key to saving time
Multi tasking not only saves your time but also enables you to pack in more in your schedule without eating into your study time. If you spend a lot of time travelling, use this time to read a new chapter so that your basics are ready for more reading up or revise what has just been taught at school/college. While you walk towards your house, talk on the phone with your friends so that you don’t waste time on the phone at home. Play your favourite music while you get ready or bathe so that you get your fill of relaxation as well. Spend time with family and watch TV while you eat.

Concentrate on results, not on being busy
Focus on completing a certain amount of syllabus every day. Do not focus on sitting at your table for 7 hours every day but concentrate your energies on achieving a fixed amount of result every day. If you finish it in less time than expected, then the remaining time is your bonus time that can be used for fun and play. Often students’ concentrate on being with books rather than learning what is there in those books. The Pareto Principle or the '80:20 Rule' sums this up well. This argues that typically 80% of unfocussed effort generates only 20% of results. The remaining 80% of results are achieved with only 20% of the effort. While the ratio is not always 80:20, this broad pattern of a small proportion of activity generating non-impressive returns recurs so frequently as to be the norm in most students. As a student, it is important for you to increase this 20% focused effort to at least 80% to achieve your dreams.

With careful and economical use of time, you will find time for everything that is important in your life so why not start the ‘be judicial with time’ policy today. Prove to the world that you have it in you. All the best!
Always Think Positive

All of us get upset when we don't do a certain task very well. But it's no reason to be upset. If you haven't fared well in any particular subject, don't keep thinking about how bad your marks were. Instead, look forward to the next examination, and prepare well for it. Be determined to do well the next time. Be confident of doing well. If you study well, the results will show. So don't lose hope when you don't do well. Use it as an opportunity to improve yourself.

To be a success in whatever you do, it is essential to understand yourself and be honest with yourself as regards strong points and drawbacks. Not just honest, be brutally honest and accept the negative qualities that you have. Acknowledgment is the first step towards attacking the bad habit. Look inwards on a regular basis and analyze yourself and your actions. This can be viewed as an internal 'spring cleaning'. You could 'throw' out unwanted 'clutter' - negative thoughts, and letting in fresh 'air' and 'sunshine' in the form of new resolutions. Introspection will also help rationalize thoughts which in turn will optimize performance in other spheres.
Success Mantra - It's Within You

Working your way to success? Here are a few tips that could aid you in the rise:
• Visualize your way to success
• Be positive that you will succeed
• Anticipate that success is not too far When faced with a task that seems daunting always picture yourself as having succeeded in finishing it well. A positive picture in your mind will go a long way in building your confidence levels. Never visualize failure.

Banish all thoughts of failure and tune your thoughts towards a successful end. Your task may be anything - it could be cleaning your cupboard, your first solo drive, an interview…. . Positive visualization is bound to put you in the right direction.

A word of caution: While visualization is crucial, what is equally necessary is actually working towards your goal. Remember, fate supports those who work hard.




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