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Guarantee To Success

There is no replacing strong will, determination and a vision of success to succeed. The attitude is not required merely when it comes to studies but in life in general. One must work consistently to a goal to achieve it, you cannot have pipe dreams of success and expect to attain it. Success is moulded in the mind and takes concrete form as achievement later. Besides a will to succeed what is also essential is the endurance and patience to bear with failure. The best example of determination and patience that one can possibly cite is that of King Bruce, who after having lost virtually everything in war was inspired to regain his lost wealth by a spider.

Analyse Your Motivation

When you are about to start a new assignment, just stop and spare a few minutes for the thought “Why am I doing this – because I want to or because I have to?” Past experience will tell you that whenever you have done something that you really want to it has been done well, however difficult the task may have been. And if something was done just because it needed to be done the enthusiasm accompanying the performance would be missing and the performance would leave a lot to be desired. So when faced with such a task that needs to be done despite how you feel about it, analyse why it needs to be done. The logic will add lustre to the task and eventually you will want to do it.

Holistic Learning

Education is all about creating and nurturing a positive and focused attitude that helps in the holistic development of a person rather than a particular faculty only. Here are a few ways to make your education process a holistic exercise:

Besides gleaning knowledge on a subject, it is essential to cultivate qualities like positive attitude, discipline, quality and self gratification (that follows a well done job).

Having a flexible attitude and adaptability go a long way and must be cultivated by students at an early stage.

Demonstrating a desire to learn is essential to gleaning holistic knowledge. Do not, for example take the easier path of guides and old question papers. Understand thoroughly and then use the question papers as a tool for brushing up.

Being a team worker is another important attitude which a student must develop.

Being a part of larger social activities like projects, social gatherings, school festivals are ways to develop interpersonal relations. Students must take pro-active steps to be a part of these.




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