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“For years I used to sit with a pen in hand, poised over the note pad intent on writing as much as of the lecture as I possibly could. But most of the time I ended up jotting down those points which were not relevant”, says Atish Naik, 25, BPO Executive.

Lecturers do not always deal with their ideas in a logical and consistent way. However lectures are always informative and with the help of the following tips on note making and editing notes you can definitely help yourself and others to make the best use of a lecture.

Before the Lecture: Use a large, loose-leaf notebook. Use only one side of the paper. (You then can lay your notes out to see the direction of a lecture.) Draw a vertical line 2 1/2 inches from the left side of your paper. This is the recall column. Notes will be taken to the right of this margin. Later key words or phrases can be written in the recall column.

During the Lecture: Record notes in paragraph form. Capture general ideas, not illustrative ideas. Skip lines to show end of ideas or thoughts. Using abbreviations will save time. Write legibly.

After the Lecture: Immediately after the lecture you can recall which parts of the lecture were unclear to you so that you can consult the lecturer, a classmate, your text, or additional readings for further information. For better retention, review your notes immediately. Unless a student reviews within 24 hours after the lecture or at least before the next lecture, his retention is likely to drop; and he will be relearning rather than reviewing.

Editing Notes: A method of annotation is highly preferred to recopy your notes. Make a habit of underlining key statements or important concepts. Always use asterisks or other signal marks to indicate importance. Use margins or blank pages for organizing notes with the text. Perhaps indicate relevant pages of the text beside the corresponding information in the notes. If necessary use a key and a summary.

Making the Final Copy: Use one margin to keep a key to important names, formulas, dates and concepts. This enables you to look forward to questions of an objective nature and provides specific facts that you need to develop essays. Employ the other margin to write a short summary of the topics on the page, relating the contents of the page to the entire lecture or to the lecture of the day before. Condensing the notes in this way not only helps you to learn them but also prepares you for the kind of thinking required to succeed in essay and objective exams.

Your Guarantee To Success

Are you always postponing assignments and lessons for a later date? So what happens to your desk and time? The desk ends up looking like Mount Everest with the pile of pending work and time seems to be always flowing out thick and fast…beyond your control! Well, there is a cure to this problem. The remedy is – self discipline. And contrary to popular belief it is not difficult to inculcate self-discipline. It is just a matter of implementing it in small doses, regularly and persistently. You may undoubtedly have envied others for the amount of self-discipline they possess. No one is born with self discipline it has to be cultivated over the years. Those who seem to have mastered the art of self-discipline simply have more practice at it. Practice after all does make one perfect!

When You Hate Getting Started On A Task

If you find yourself disinclined to do something important that needs to be done:

• Take a few minutes to talk to yourself rationally.
• Honestly pinpoint the real reason and the excuse as to why you are putting off the job.
• Once you are able to sift reason from excuse, you will find it relatively easier to tackle the reason and then go ahead and get your job done.

E.g. you might be putting off going to the bank telling yourself that you are too tired, but deep inside you are a bit terrified whether you will be able to fill in the right slips in the right way. Once you acknowledge this you might take a friend along or ask for directions boldly and get your job done.

Enjoy Your Progress

As you progress through your work take that occasional look over your shoulder and give yourself a pat on the back for whatever you have achieved. As a result you will approach the remainder of the task with considerably more enthusiasm. This will hold true for both small and large tasks performed. The pat on the back will give you a boost of self-confidence, increase your feeling of self worth and as a result you will be ready to take on more. Self-appreciation is the most truthful form of appreciation and you know it. So when you are able to appreciate yourself it means you have really done something worthwhile.

Tip top, neat and clean

Being prim and proper gives you an added advantage over your peers. Everybody likes dealing with those who maintain themselves. Clean and cut your nails, polish your shoes, wear a clean uniform, in short be clean so that you feel fresh. The attitude will reflect even in the way you treat your books and is sure to win you laurels.

Overcome Your Stammering woes

First and foremost try to look beyond the stammering. Concentrating too hard on this setback only aggravates the problem, which becomes even more pressing during oral exams. Relax, and try to think of the correct answer to the question (during exams) rather than concentrating on the stammering problem. In case the problem persists, smile – it works wonders.

Another way to overcome stammering is to consume a spoonful of vekhanda (also known as vacha, Calamus Root or Sweet Flag) with water or honey. This helps relieve a sluggish tongue. Those with a heaty constitution must be careful while administering this remedy as the powder is known to generate heat.

Why Should I Not Play Truant?

Be alert and active and don’t skip class. Being regular and punctual has its own benefits that will help gain that extra inch over your classmates. Being alert also means that you don’t have to stay up late hours in the night to mug up lessons, which you could have understood, by simply staying alert in class. Not playing truant also has its other merits, escaping the cane just happens to be the most important amongst them.




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