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SETTLE DOWN IN A NEW SCHOOL WITH EASE                                                      -          Girija Naiksatam

It’s mid June and it’s time to get back to school. Most of us would have gone back to our old schools after a well spent summer vacation. However, some of us may be making our way into new schools with new students, teachers and surroundings. Here are a few tips on making settling into the new school a little easier:

1. Get involved: Don't let your being a new entrant be a cause of hesitation. Involve yourself as much as you can in terms of conversation and group activities. The more you communicate with your new colleagues and teachers, the more they will communicate with you.

2. An early start: An excellent way to get to know people is over common activities. Ask if you can sit with a group for lunch as most kids do sit in groups. Ask if someone needs help with homework or a class work problem. The platform may seem narrow but this is definitely a start.

3. Positive mindset: Have an open mindset. Try to see the new school as a new environment for learning and a place where you can meet new people with new interests. This mindset will help cultivate a positive approach which is more conducive to settling down and learning.

4. Time yourself: Give yourself time to settle in but not too much either; a week or a week and a half is sufficient. This always works well because the faster you get used to your new environment, the sooner you can get over your newness and start concentrating on your books.

5. Gauge your own behaviour: In a week or two gauge whether or not you're acting the way you would, had you still been in your previous school. Obviously, it won’t be as smooth but make sure that nothing is holding you back from acting the way you otherwise would; this especially is manifested in terms of asking for explanations from teachers, playing on the field, mingling with your classmates and your self-study regime. .

Real Courage Comes From Compassion

Have you ever tried to kill a lizard or captured a frog to demonstrate your bravery? Then remember that true courage comes from showing compassion to the helpless. Many a times friends cheer you, or challenge you to harm a helpless creature. True courage is in being able to stand up to your friends and telling them that this is not courage, but a method by which the weak try to cover up their lack of strength. The truly strong allow living things to coexist, as they do not fear them. Harming something that cannot defend itself is far from being brave or courageous.

Self Evaluation - An Important Tool

Never ever undermine yourself in comparison to others. Always remind yourself that you are a unique person and that no one else can be 'you' as efficiently as you yourself can!

• What comes easily to some may be difficult for others but that is no yardstick to measure oneself by.
• We should do best what we can do using our natural abilities and talents.
• Hard work does go a long way in making up for the lack of aptitude. But do ensure that you are using all the hard work in the right direction.
• You may always be seeing people who seem to be more successful, more jovial happier more everything than you yourself. But do not let that depress you by thinking of yourself as lacking something.
• Remember no one can make you feel inadequate without your permission. Count your blessings and concentrate on what needs to be done. Never permit yourself to brood.

Why Is My Classmate Doing Better Than Me?

Do not get disturbed by others’ success. Most of us tend to get disheartened when we see others getting more successful or reaching greater heights than us. Success and failures are simply cycles that life follows and we should not cling on to one phase permanently. Instead we must consistently try and better on our previous performance. If you have not been successful at one go, try and try again, till you succeed, there is nothing like `cannot attain’ or `am a failure’. Do not make somebody else’s achievements your benchmarks, set your own standards and work towards them. Remember when the going gets tough, it is the tough that get going, so latch on and keep trying, you are sure to succeed.




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