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Intuition – The Power Within

Intuition is perhaps one of the most intriguing and valuable gifts given to man. You cannot just buy it off the shelf or learn about it in classrooms.

Human intuition can be utilized to help us a great deal if recognized and utilized properly. To be guided by instinct is very good. And people who recognize their instincts and listen to their intuition are more often than not right.

To every situation and every decision, our intuition has a say. Be it clothes we buy or the choice of colour while painting our house, we are guided by likes and dislikes. These are but intuition in different forms.

To understand our intuition and help us benefit from it, we need to be absolutely honest with ourselves. We tend to hide behind a façade of false identities and wishful living. To break free from this and be yourself is the first step to following your instincts.


“Personal mastery teaches us to choose. Choosing is a courageous act: picking the results and actions which you will make into your destiny.”

Can Any One Group Of People Possess Truth?

The Truth, in its infinity cannot be held or maintained by any one mind, one group, one religion, one ideology or one system. The truth is revealed by the silence to be the silence itself. Pure silence is our connection to the infinite, the unknowable, and the immeasurable.

The truth, flows through each of us according to our uniqueness of form. So, in simplistic terms, all systems, religions, beliefs have a part of that, which is eternal and hence, for any individual or group to claim, to possess truth is a sad mistake.

As humans, we cannot hold or possess that which is infinite in our minds, but only experience a small facet. The same as a large canyon cannot hold the entire atmosphere within it’s walls, but is not the atmosphere contained within the canyon?

Truth and silence are exactly the same as that. That which is Pure, formless, eternal and loving cannot be possessed by mere form. Canyons wear away, atmospheres disappear, bodies die, but the pure silence is eternal. You can know that right now if you stop and treasure this moment of tranquil peace.




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