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Understanding Yourself

Sweet is the song that is deep-rooted in silence. True is the prayer that is founded in compassion, strong is the heart that beats for the weak and determined is the mind that bends to win the smile of a child. As you walk along the sea of change, hold the conch of wisdom to your ear, you will hear the resonance of Truth. Truth that is unaltered by emotions, unscathed by pain, untouched by greed. Truth, that is supreme, Truth that unites us with Nature!

Tangible and Intangible Assets

One must realise that all tangible assets are impermanent by nature. That, which is created by people can also be destroyed, so pursuing tangible goals serves no purpose. Another vital aspect that requires pondering is non-sheltering. There is nothing like a permanent shelter on this earth that cannot be ravaged by the vagaries of Nature. One must seriously contemplate on separating the self from the material body. This separation can take place only in blissful solitude. Once we start exercising austerity in our lives, we move closer into the realms of Nature and thereby spirituality. It is only by renouncing the paths that take us towards materialism that we move closer to spiritualism.

Understanding The True Essence Of Spirituality

• A truly spiritual person is one who finds her way out of the web of life without succumbing to the desires or pains that lace its path.
• She does not shun her worldly duties, nor sever ties with relations.
• She does not believe in abstention merely for the sake of it, instead consciously chooses to live within prescribed means.
• Force cannot coerce her mind neither can momentary exhilaration cheer her.
• She is neither despondent nor outwardly cheerful, she maintains an even keel through out.
• A true spiritualist is one who does not shun anything, instead keeps in tune with everything.

“When our eyes see our hands doing the work of our hearts, the circle of Creation is completed inside us, the doors of our souls fly open and love steps forth to heal everything in sight.”
--Michael Bridge


Be Ordinary: That Is The Most Extra-Ordinary Thing

Shut your eyes and think for a minute: besides you all else are enlightened souls. You are the 'ordinary', unenlightened being who has no special role to play. Being ordinary is the most extraordinary thing in this life. Most of us go through life thinking that we are born for a special purpose, that we are blessed to create great things that while we are extraordinary, the rest are inferior. Drop these pretensions which the mind weaves and look at Life like you were pliable clay in Its hands. Allow Life to fashion you the way it wants to and you will never find yourself struggling to fit into the greater designs of Life. You will be a note in Its music, a stride in Its march, a ripple in Its laughter and the all-encompassing silence in Its wizened heart!

Stop! Are We Rushing Through Life?

A young executive was zipping off on a deserted street. He was running late to work, had a presentation to make, had to catch up with his fiancée for lunch and meet up with a senior sales manager after that. It was a tightly-scheduled day; there was no time for frivolities. His train of thoughts was racing fast when out of no where a stone hit his car.

The executive froze, who dared to pelt his car? He reared and got out to inspect the damage. The shiny beauty now bore an ugly scar; the red metal had given way to an ugly dent. Who could have done this to his most prized possession?

The executive looked around for the culprit and saw a tiny ten-year-old staring at him. `Did you do this?’ demanded the angry executive. The boy nodded a mute yes. `How dare you’, continued the executive, ‘don’t you know who I am? I am getting late to work and you ruined my vehicle, you will have to pay for this.’

The child’s large brown eyes started welling with tears. `Please sir, I am ready to pay for the damage, but could you please rush my mother to the hospital now. She is asthmatic and my father is away, I have no money and I tried to waive you down but you were too fast. I am sorry sir, but please help me.’

The young man rushed the ailing lady to the hospital. In the process he wasted a lot of time and antagonized too many people including his fiancée, but that day the executive slept the soundest sleep of peace and content!

Spirituality And Religion

Hah.. do not scoff at religion. It could well be your sail across the sea of spiritualism, provided you don't look at religion as mere idol worship, an escape route, or a path you need to follow because you were told to.

• Religion guides us to lead a morally right path.
• Religion should not be contained in ritualism. Rituals are meant for cleaning our mind, and yes of course they could help as a foundation for spirituality.
• To whom we pray is irrelevant but how we pray matters.

The way to use religion as your crutch on the road to spirituality is to draw into the logical and practical aspects of religion. Learn to interpret the symbolic representations within the scriptures. Used well religion can be your personal guru to spiritual liberation.

Gita Speak

The Bhagwat Gita, a treatise on healthy living, divides personality types in two: demonic and divine. While divine qualities lead to salvation of the soul, demonic ones lead the soul to get enmeshed in the gyres of life and birth.

The treatise further explains 26 qualities that define the divine and topping the list is the quality of fearlessness.

This is a prime, all encompassing virtue and can be cultivated only when one has overcome wants and desires and there exists implicit and complete faith in divinity. Furthermore, fearlessness is also described as the root of peace.

Reaching this acme of excellence is possible by following certain dictums and rules. For starters one must abide by the maxim of 'do unto others as you would like them to do unto you'.




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