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Huna are a set of healing rituals that originated in ancient Hawaii. The Polynesians made them the cornerstone of their culture. They based these ‘truths’ on their observations of nature and the environment around them and devised a set of ideas, a philosophy so to say, that helps them interpret the world. Here are the seven main tenets of this ‘inner knowledge’ of Huna, which could help you too, in your daily endeavours and in realizing your goals and dreams.

1. The world is what you think it is (Ike)
This principle implies working from the inside to create the outer world. It says that we need to be aware and more conscious of everything we do, say and think in all our interactions. This will help us build a positive attitude that will then reflect back on us and better our surroundings.

2. There are no limits (Kala)
This principle states that all of us are connected. The belief extends to not just people but also animals and other forms of nature. We must see ourselves as a part of one big whole so that we can function in complete harmony and unison and do away with separatism in any form.

3. Energy flows where attention goes (Makia)
The nature of your thoughts will determine the events and results in your life. If you focus your energy (positive or negative) towards something, it is transported towards the goal and is directed back at you. As a consequence of this phenomenon, the understanding is that we alone hold the power to govern our entire being and the environment that surrounds us.

4. Now is the moment of power (Manawa)
Like most other schools of thought, Huna too believes that the power lies in the present moment. It is the present moment alone that matters, that will propel and govern your future. So, instead of thinking of the past or waiting for the future, focus your energies on the things that presently are.

5. To love is to be happy with (Aloha)
Drawing its routes in the traditional greeting of ‘Aloha’, this tenet believes that love is the highest and purest energy there exists. It thus invites people to explore this energy by finding that something or someone that they love unconditionally. Once you find this, you will find the highest joy.

6. All power comes from within (Mana)
Mana is the inner power that lies within us all. The Polynesians believe that the Universe’s central power runs through all of us so that we can reach our highest potential. Since this manifests itself in each one of us, there is nothing/nobody who can overpower us. So, never doubt your own capability, because the minute we start doubting our own selves, we allow our inner strength to diminish.

7. Effectiveness is the measure of truth (Pono)
The last principle stresses on multi-fold means of doing things. It implies that there is never one fixed or pre-meditated method of achieving your goal. If you get stuck on one path, you can choose any other. However, the philosophy does stress on the sanctity of your choice and the need to make sure that no other being or body is harmed for the sake of your goal.

Intense and full of wisdom, these 7 basic principles of Huna are bound to help you grow, achieve and live a better life. So, go ahead and explore the possibilities!



The world we all exist, live, and operate in is as spiritual as it is physical. If you as a resident of this world are confined within the boundaries of just one of these planes then you are missing out on half of what life has to offer. Just by acknowledging your soul and by gradually learning how to nurture it, you will make yourself aware of the greater things in creation and life. Here are tips to help you acknowledge the existence of your soul:

1. Spend time with yourself
Your soul breathes too and thus it needs its own unique breathing space that only you can consciously create by spending some time with your self. Every one needs a few moments in a day to reflect, think, unwind, and revive. Only then can one feel rejuvenated and connected with their inner selves. Thus, you must take out time each day, even if it is just a few minutes, to concentrate on your inner being. Take a walk in the garden, stroll on the balcony, and gaze at the sky or just sit down to think about life as you are living it. Over a period of time, you will be able to hear what your soul whispers to you.

2. Ask yourself questions
Ask questions. Not about the laws of nature but internal questions about your being and your unique thinking process. Be curious about your nature, your actions, and truly analyze them. By doing so, you will gain a greater knowledge of self. And what is your self but your soul.

3. Get to know your mind
Talk to yourself. Finding time for doing so isn’t tough. You can talk to your mind as you travel, walk, bathe, eat. Concentrate on what and how your mind thinks and you will be concentrating on your soul. Because it is your mind that separates you from those around you and mind is manifest. Your mind is your soul’s mind and your strongest and most trusted link to your soul.

4. Meditate to connect with your soul
Now that you know your soul exists and that you must connect with it, meditate to nurture it. Quieten your mind, calm yourself down and allow thoughts to bubble to the surface. Don’t dwell on them. Let them come to the surface and evaporate. Let them keep moving on. Clearing your mind of thoughts eager to come out will open your eyes to the existence of your own soul and those of the people around you. To be conscious of your soul is to be on a higher level of consciousness.

5. Don’t chase material pleasures
Do not run blindly in the race to acquire health. Strike a balance between what you want materialistically and what you must have spiritually. Letting go of the material confines of society and allowing yourself to believe that there is a deeper side of life is important for acknowledging the existence of your soul. This will help you find happiness and calmness that you may never before have experienced.


Happiness and peace beckons everywhere. Sounds too good to be true doesn't it? Life without any stress and worries would be overwhelming, fortunately there is so much you can do to get centered and stay clear headed again. Read the following and your life will change forever.

The first step to finding greater happiness and peace is in realizing that you have a choice. Without directing your mind and attention to that which creates happiness and peace, you will unintentionally follow a course of action that most people take which results in stress, pain, worry, anger, and an overabundance of negative emotions and mental stress which rule their lives. No matter how the outside world is affecting you, take a conscious control over your mind.

Meet the conscious you

What does being conscious of your own mind mean? No matter what you are thinking there is a part of you that is observing your thoughts. Even now you are watching your thoughts as you read these words.

While there is the mechanical process of discerning what these words mean, there is another part of you that is watching or witnessing the thought process going on in your head. Your consciousness is what is witnessing these thought processes and indeed all of your life experiences.

Your life as a movie

Witnessing enables you to be less attached and more objective in your perception and responses to daily life. For example, if you are watching a movie that scares or is upsets you, sit back and tell yourself that you are simply watching a movie and this brings you back to a more peaceful frame of mind. Similarly, when you observe the thoughts and emotions going on in your mind as a conscious ‘witness’ or watcher, you are able to look at these emotional and mental states from a place of inner peace - your natural state. From this place you can gain greater perspective, clarity and insight, and less emotional attachment, which naturally reduces the tension that often accompanies these life experiences.

So, step back from your mind and observe what you are thinking and feeling as the witness, and live in that virtual state of peace which is your own perception.




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