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Must one turn to a recluse to meditate? Must one give up worldly possessions and ties to unite with the Supreme Being? Must we turn away from all pleasures only because they `delude (?)’ us from our avowed path of Godliness? The answer is NO! Meditation does not translate into conscious reclusion. Uniting with the Supreme Power is not about severing our worldly ties, neither is it about pursuing austerity merely for the sake of it. Meditation is not about getting into a trance and being `unconscious’ about immediate surroundings.

Meditation means being aware of your surroundings and your self. You are aware of all that is happening within and without you. The breath you are taking, the air surrounding you, the sun that you are standing under, the water that is flowing by you, the flowers blooming around you, the swaying trees…they all impact a meditative person in more ways than one.

A truly meditative person will not shun her/his social responsibilities instead s/he will accommodate new ones in the existing list.
Meditation is conscious realization of the Supreme Being who lives within all of us.

"See God in every person, place, and thing, and all will be well in your world.”
--Louise Hay

The Supreme Truth

When in deepest woe and grief think about all the evils that Truth has ultimately been able to conquer. Woes, lies and grief spammed by untruth and deceit have had their fleeting moments of glory before they are crushed for good by Supreme Truth.

Truth and Love have always won over Hate, Fear, Anger and Greed. There is no replacing the age-old wisdom and efficacy of Supreme Truth.

Truth, that is unsullied by versions, untouched by distortions, unmitigated by falsehood and supreme like the Sun, will always shine through.

Have faith in that Truth; have faith in that Fairness; have faith in that Supreme Knowledge which will overcome all falsehoods.

Damn The Government? Or...

How often have you cursed the government for not doing its job? How often have you decried at the complete inaptitude of the municipality for not providing you services? When was the last time you shouted at your 'domestic help' for not doing pay's worth of work? When did you last tell your spouse that s/he has not completed his/her set of chores?

All problems seem insurmountable at times. They seem to be riding us as we go through a routine drill trying to make sense of this great jigsaw called Life. But the next time this paper tiger of problem stares at you, stop and think. How can I overcome this one? Will all my ravings and ranting be of any good? Is there another way out? As a matter of fact there is…when you point a finger at the opposite stranger, remember that the other four fingers are pointing at you. It is difficult to remove all the vices from the world, but it is a great man who can remove a part of vices that exist within.

Perfect yourself, before you set to perfect the world!

Open Your Mind

There is nothing more beautiful than the opening of dew kissed rose buds, the shy, demure blush of a sun-kissed sky, rippling waves sparkling like a thousand diamonds or the tender, trusting smile of a child.

We are a mitigated part of the vast universe that surrounds us. If we close our minds to love and kindness and are constantly weighed by pessimistic thoughts of hate, misery and squalor our lives too will be devoid of all that is good and beautiful.

Mind Your Mind

The human mind is just a bundle of random thoughts. As the mind so is the man. Keeping the mind clean and clutter-free is almost impossible, but once that is achieved one can almost drown in divine bliss.
One way to purge the mind of all useless and no good thoughts is to allow only the pure, elevating thoughts to be housed in the mind. Discarding thoughts that disturb one's disposition is essential and should be done immediately, almost on a here and now basis. One way to reduce the burden of impure thoughts from the mind is to reduce the number of thoughts per se. Do not allow the mind to get crowded with thoughts and gradually the mind will learn to concentrate only on one key idea.

Gradually and with practice, the individual will be able to let go of this one singular thought and then the mind will be filled with celestial peace.

After all, the mind is both the cause for bondage and its liberation. It is up to us whether we use or misuse this tool...

Harnessing The Mind

Our mind is like an unbridled horse that runs amuck along wrong roads wrecking havoc on its path. There is no direction and all that guides this stray horse is a senseless desire to prove its might and power. Neither is it guided by reason nor driven by purpose, all that propels this mind into action (?) is temporary titillation of the senses and a short-lived gratification of the ego.

Wants are reared by ambition, which in turn is the creation of the ego. When wants are not satisfied they lead to unfulfilled desires that again are a manifestation of the `I’ or the ego.

Through the control of the mind we can control the senses and control our wants and desires.

Controlling the mind is the first step towards self realization.

Though religious scriptures aid in this control of the mind, they are wasted without modesty. Merely learning them by rote or without modesty will lead to ego, which again will make the mind reckless and lose.

God resides within all of us; it is our unjust and egoistical actions that keep us away from Him. Through self-discipline and mind control we can annihilate the false ego and walk the path to God that is devoid of ills like jealousy, anger and greed and full of divine and unending bliss!
Understanding The Significance Of Silence

Success is that old ABC -- ability, breaks, and courage.
-Charles Luckman

Silence is said to purge the mind of the upheavals and turmoil that rages within. It is said to clear the cobwebs from the mind's recesses and restore peace and quiet. Silence is the tough path that we walk before we awaken unto light and knowledge. But is silence as soothing and peaceful as it is made out to be? Is it really all about peace and quiet? Not quite.

The first experience with silence (or complete alienation from distractions) is not always easy. We are confronted by past wounds and hurts that we chose to ignore thus far. Gnawing pain and dark corners that we have shut out from the conscious mind resurface to haunt us. They trouble us with their nagging presence and disturbing reality and silence may soon turn out to be a curse instead of the boon it was intended to be.

However there are ways to overcome these temporary trappings of despondency. Such confrontations are necessary as an integral facet of our spiritual journey. The silence is purging and rewarding, only after we have walked its acid test will we emerge stronger and bolder.

Silence helps us awaken into a higher realm of creativity, a greater plinth of knowledge. It deepens our understanding and realization of our true self and purpose.

“In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness.”
--Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)




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