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Tanya Munshi

Cats are known to be more reserved than dogs. But that doesn’t mean they are not as fun. If you take time to innovate interesting games for your feline pets, they will reciprocate by being naughty and playful. For cats, you can create games and toys with just about anything at home.

The best way to choose or create a toy for your cat is to see what attracts him or her. Notice your cat’s behaviour at home. There must be something in the house that will catch his or her fancy. If you can create a game on that basis, nothing like it! Here are some ideas to get you started...

Rubber Ball: Fix a pet-safe rubber chewy or a ball with an elastic cord and hang it from a curtain rod. Now watch your pet cat jump up and down, grabbing at and playing with his new toy. But ensure that the curtain rod is strong enough and will not bend or break.

Old Sock and Catnip: Can you spare an old sock? Perfect! Fill your sock with catnip and roll it up into a ball. Catnip is a herb known to have tiny white and purple spotted flowers. This herb has a peculiar smell that attracts cats. You can check for catnip at a pet store.

Cardboard Box: Cats love playing in boxes for some reason! Get a big cardboard box and fill it up with shredded paper. Throw in a couple of squeaky rubber balls and watch the cat hunt for the ‘mouse’. You might end up with a royal mess, but also one very happy cat!


Some animal stories are simply incredible, almost of the believe it or not variety, here are a few must reads…

• A goldfish called Freda, died at 41!
•A Saint Bernard, Great Dane and an American Foxhound hold the record for the largest litter of puppies – 23!
• Mummified cats were used as manure in the 19th century?
• In China some goldfish are actually known to live beyond 50?
• Toby, a standard poodle inherited a whopping 15 million pounds upon the death of his mistress Ms. Wendel.
• A stately cat, Himmy, weighed 21.3 kgs!
• Burmese cats were actually known to have their own servants.
•  A dog’s nose works a million times more effectively than a human’s does.
• A cat preening its ears or behind them is supposed to presage rains?
• Mastiffs were actually recruited as dogs of war by the Romans. The canines would be dressed in an iron armor with a spiked headgear and taught to charge at the enemy.
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