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Its always better to keep your pets nails short just incase your furry friend decides to take a swipe at you. But while clipping your pets nails, keep in mind the following:

1. Approach the cat with confidence. If you're really nervous yourself, then your pet will struggle more. Dogs and cats sense fear. Speak softly and soothingly.

2. Have someone hold the cat gently by the scruff of its neck, the way its mother would naturally. It immobilizes the cat. Also get the person to hold the cat's paws.

3. Gently press your thumb on the pad of a front paw. The nail should extend. If it doesn't, put your cat's paw on the first finger of your hand. Place your thumb on the cat's first knuckle. Squeeze gently. The nail should slide forward.

4. Clip the clear, hooked portion of each claw. Do it quickly, cleanly. Don't cut off more than the tip. Cutting the thick, pink quick, the vein that runs the length of the nail, will cause bleeding. If that happens, apply styptic powder to or rub a bar of soap across the nail.

5. Repeat the process for each paw. Rear nails usually grow shorter than front nails, so trim conservatively. If people you try to take off as much nail in the rear as in the front, they could clip into the quick and cause bleeding.

Some cats don't much mind having their nails trimmed as they are being held and cuddled. While other cats may need to be wrapped in a towel while getting their nails clipped.

To control a pervasive feline odour, set a permanent sleeping place for the pet and clean its bedding regularly. If the pet has slept on carpets, scatter baking soda on the carpet or deodorise it before vacuuming. Keep your pet well groomed.

Abnormal body odours: If your pet has extra strong body odour even when it is brushed and cleaned, consult a vet, it may have skin disorder which may be controlled by medicated shampoo or in mild cases, with a dandruff shampoo. An older pet may develop deposits on its teeth. The pets teeth can be brushed with a soft brush using baking soda or toothpaste. Alternatively one can also brush a pets teeth by wrapping gauze-square on the finger. Clean carefully along the gum line.

Whenever a pet messes in the house, scoop up the deposit and blot the area with paper towels. Apply vinegar, lemon juice or ammonia to neutralise the stain. Scrub the area with soap and water to remove the odour.

Do not bathe a cat until there is just no other alternative. Protect yourself with gloves while bathing felines since they are most likely to show their distaste for water by clawing or scratching.
Do not clip your cat's claws. Keep a scratch post handy, this will prevent the animal from destroying other precious furniture.
Discourage the cat from eating from the table or when fed out of turn. Always insist that the cat eats from its bowl. Restrict its meal (as far as possible) to non-oily, unsweetened food.
If you are traveling with your cat, it is best to carry it in an airy bag. Once you reach your destination let the cat out after rubbing its paws in its litter box (that should be carried along too) to prevent it from running away and getting lost.

Stop your cat digging the garden up by scattering some holly leaves over the place where they usually do it.
To keep your cat healthy dilute its milk with warm water and do not give it the cream from the top of the milk.
Cats usually love the smell of bleach, so clean the place reserved for its necessities with it and it wont anywhere else in the house
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