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Exporting Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 Favorites

Wouldn’t you like to have all your Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 Favorites nicely organized on a local Web page? To do this, you can run Microsoft Internet Explorer and choose File Import and Export. When the Import/Export wizard opens, click Next. Click Export Favorites and then click Next.
 This next page should display your Favorites folder. If you wish to choose another folder, this is the time to make your choice. Click Next to continue. You can now accept the default folder of My Documents and the file name, Bookmarks.htm, or you can select a new folder and type in a new name. Click Next to save the file and then click Finish to close the wizard.
 Rename Microsoft Internet Explorer Favorites
When you save a URL into the Microsoft Internet Explorer Favorites folder, the names often are very long and somewhat cryptic. However, it's not much of a problem to change those names to something more meaningful. Just choose Favorites to open the folder. Now right-click a URL that you want to change and choose Rename. Type in the new name and press Enter.


If you are using Microsoft Windows and cannot locate a file, don’t panic. Just click on the start menu and click on `Find’ option in the menu. You can key in the name of the file, and the software will locate the folder in which it is located and display the same to you. If you cannot remember what you called the file, there is still no need to panic. In the `Find’ dialogue box there is an option called `Advanced’. Select that. The dialogue box that opens now allows you to key in the text matter of the file (use key words that you would typed in the file) and locates all the files, and the folders in which they are located for you.


Do you often work in several windows at the same time? Then here's a tip that will be quite useful for you. Did you know that it is possible to save all of these open documents at the same time? When you try to save a single open window, then as you select the FILE menu, you get a `Save' and a `Save As' option. To save all open documents, all you need to do is to hold down the `SHIFT' on your key board and then click `Save All' that will now appear in your FILE menu. MS Word saves all open documents and templates at the same time. If any open documents have never been saved, the Save As dialog box appears so that you can name them.
 Arranging Folders In Windows

Have you been moving files in your computer to particular folder(s) frequently? Isn't it a boring chore to copy and paste these over and over? But here is a simple way to stash away important files in a folder robbing the task of its monotony.

Let us presume that you have downloaded MP3s from the Net and want to arrange that vast treasure in a single folder. You do not have to cut and paste these into a folder every time you download them. Instead create a shortcut to that favourite folder (say 'MP3 folder') as a Send To item.

To do this: right-click on the 'MP3' folder and select 'Copy'.

Then select C:\Windows\Sendto. Right-click and click on 'Paste Shortcut'. Voila!

Now if you ever need to move any MP3 file from any folder to this 'MP3' folder, all you have to do is right-click on the file, then select `Send To' 'Shortcut to MP3 folder'.

You can use this method for any category of files that need to be stored in a particular folder.
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