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Want A Web cam?

If you have been surfing the Web, then you would have run into Web cams in the course of your meanderings. Web cams range from the silly to the serious - a Web cam might point at a poster of Hrithik Roshan or can be used for security purposes. They come in all forms like business cams, personal cams, private cams, traffic cams.

A simple Web cam consists of a digital camera attached to your computer. Cameras like these are easy to plug into your PC. Software connects to the camera and grabs a frame from it periodically. For example, the software might grab a still image from the camera once every 30 seconds. The software then turns that image into a normal JPG file and uploads it to your Web server.
What Can One Do With A Web Cam?

• You can view your friends and folks live over the Internet whilst you are chatting with them!
• One of the practical uses for web cams is to allow viewers to see traffic patterns. For instance, in many European cities, the citizens can log on to websites, view the traffic in any area before they commute.
• Another popular use of the web cam is to show street scenes in major tourist attractions of the world.
• Web cams can be used in child care: Install a web cam at the crèche where you keep your little one, have a web cam at your work place and watch over her during the day.
• Buyers can use the Internet/Web cam to watch their vehicles being assembled. It is a novel approach aimed at keeping customers excited about a car they ordered.
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