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Saving webpages onto your computer

If you want to save a webpage to your computer, you should either save them as single HTML files (does not save graphics) or complete pages (saves text and graphics) by using

File -> Save As option

If you save the page using the option ‘webpage HTML only’, only the current page will be saved. However, items that are embedded in web pages will have to be saved manually. For example, if a webpage plays a MIDI file or has a Flash or Java animation, then the particular file will have to be saved manually after looking for them in c:\windows\temporary internet files (by entering the file type as .swf or .mid, etc.)

If you save the page using ‘webpage complete’, the current page will be saved in its entirety including graphics. If you use the ‘web archive’ option, it saves a snapshot of the current page in MIME format. This is much like the ‘webpage complete’ option but is available only if you have Outlook Express 5 or a later version.

The ‘text only’ option saves only the text on the current page.

Clear Your Screen Of Excess Images

When we need to simultaneously view multiple Web pages in Internet Explorer or Netscape, most of us click on New>Window or New>Navigator Window respectively from the File menu. This method actually opens multiple instances of Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. Hence surfing speed is considerably reduced.

It is better to use software like Netcaptor or Katie Scroll for such operations. Netcaptor is basically an extension of the Internet Explorer. It runs only one instance of Internet Explorer and hence does not affect the connection speed. It enables the user to view multiple pages by arranging them on different tabs in the same window. The user can also customize the arrangement of tabs.
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