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Are You HTML Enabled?

If you are reading this mail in text format, then you are not. Or if this mail is accompanies with unreadable script, then too you are not. Or if you never get to see any images in your mail box, then too you are not. To overcome this problem, just check the various options in your email client, such as Tools or View. Then look for an option that says read HTML mail, and check the box. This will help you read mail in attractive HTM formats.

Set E-Mail Delivery Options

If you'd like to set Outlook to check for new mail at regular intervals, from the Tools menu, select Options. (Outlook 97 users click under the E-mail tab; Outlook 98 click the Mail Delivery tab; Outlook 2000 click the Internet E-mail tab.) You can also receive new mail by selecting Check For New Mail from the Tools menu (in Outlook 97) or clicking the Send/Receive icon (in Outlook 98/2000).

Here’s How To Trash The Trash

A filter in your e-mail software lets you define rules, and action based on them. For instance, you may want all incoming mail with "appraisals" or "résumés" in the subject to come into your HRD folder. In the same way, you can define rules based on which certain mail will get trashed, or moved to a Spam folder, staying out of sight until you want to see it. Most e-mail software such as Eudora or Outlook lets you easily define filters and action (such as move to X folder, or auto-respond to sender). Look for the Filters option (under Tools in Eudora), and you can easily set a filter like this: If <subject> contains "get rich quick" then move to Trash.
How do you define the filter rules? From the tell-tale signs of Spam, such as subjects containing "rich", or "!!!", or "you're not gonna believe this!". You can manually copy unsolicited mail into a separate folder, then check the headers, to identify the patterns. One common feature: Spam is mass-mailed to thousands on a list, so the mail header doesn't list you by name, while most personal or official e-mail does. A filter can knock off such messages.
Of course, you can directly trash Spam, but there is the danger of your losing a genuine message for instance, a memo that was "bcc" to you-blind carbon copy. Sending it to a Spam folder lets you quickly review your messages, say once a week, perhaps to decide the exceptions to the filter rules.
So be smart about kicking out the trash it saves a lot of time and effort.
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