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ĎI can, because I think I caní - Virgil.

Whenever we are engulfed by a deep feeling of resentment due to failure, how many of us think about the above statement? Hardly anyone! All of us want to achieve success in our life; some of us totally give up when it comes on strengthening your instincts. Most of us give up very easily and blame it upon the destiny or the people who played a major role to initiate the failure. What can keep an individual going after getting haunted hundred times in a day thinking about the experiences of his/her failure? Itís within us and itís always going to be there till we take our last breath on this planet. Itís VISUALIZATION.

No one can ever take it away from you, no matter how much ever one try to. Who stopped you from experiencing the tender moments you had in your favorite childhood dream? Nobody! So who can prevent you from visualizing the glorious moment for which you craved for years altogether.

What can stop you from seeing yourself as the main event when you are visualizing. Like the most beautiful thing on earth even life has foreplay, before dumping you in the garbage of failure, it will keep you in a dilemma and we get carried away thinking whether success or failure is going to be a part of us.
  • When locked with a feeling of resentment, rather than thinking your experiences of failure think about your next big target. Resentment is nothing, just yet another form of the wicked Satan
  • Close your eyes, find a secluded corner of your home and preferably with all the lights off think of the moment you always wanted to achieve.
  • The wicked Satan behind your failure wonít allow you to think about your goal. Cut her tiny little tail and try to justify your thoughts with much stronger visualization.
  • Still the resentment can haunt you, this time rebel against it with your favorite inspirational music. Listen to each and every word of your favorite song closely and now when you are thinking about the most cherished moment which is yet to come youíll enjoy teasing the Satan.
  • Now substitute the music at your resentment, tell yourself the target is achievable and the moment you achieve it, you will sing it aloud standing in the midst of the ocean & facing the scorching sun.
  • Live with that moment, its coming, coming to embrace you and it will take you off your feet and the whole world will be watching you enjoying the most awaited moment of your life
  • It does not end there; it has a long way to go. Soon you will find yourself stronger than the sun and the ocean.
  • Be patient and be determined to think about your success till you achieve it. Itís not a fool-proof; soon you will find people glaring at the testimonials of your success.

    "Future visioning" is a good tool for personal development. It is a way to make goals more concrete, and to make more of an emotional connection with what these goals mean to us.

    This vision will be a very effective way to help pull you through the inevitable difficulties of making the changes you want. For Olympic athletes, visualization of goals is a way to help improve performance.

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