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It’s always much easier to manage your time when you know what you want from your time. Set your goals and prioritize. Here are few management tips which will be effective in achieving your goals and making wise time-management decisions.

Differentiate between urgent and important

The important tasks are those that lead you to your goals, and give you long term progress and reward. Those tasks are very often not urgent.

Know your priorities

Aim to do the important things first. Refocus your mind. Remember the 80-20 rule: 80 percent of reward comes from 20 percent of effort. One of the aims of time management tips is to help you give more attention and time to those most important 20 percent.

Plan your actions for achieving your goals

Convert your goals into a system of specific actions to be done. The first significant point of planning is the planning process itself. Planning will help you to identify potential conflicts and crises, minimizing the number of urgent tasks.

Planning can also significantly lowers the time spent on routine maintenance tasks, leaving you more time on what you like to do or for what you think is important for your long term success.

Schedule time for your tasks

Your concentration can be easily lost in the sea of many less important things waiting to be done in your head. Undone things circulating in your mind are also a big drain of your mental energy. Most often, there is no way to get those things out of your mind except of either doing them or scheduling them in a trustable system, convincing your mind that they will be done in due time.

Know how you spend your time

Keep a time log and analyze it to see where your time goes. For example, what percentage of time you spend on urgent and on important activities, what people you devote most time to.
Time Management

There is no such thing like `I do not have time’.

By claiming that one does not have enough time, one is actually stating that the available time has not been used prudently.

There is always enough time provided it is used wisely.

Using time wisely is all about setting priorities and deciding on what is important for you and what is not. Most of us waste our time in pursuing unimportant and trivial matters whereas we should be concentrating on important details. A major part of success lies in prioritizing and putting first things first. Addressing all those issues and concerns that require immediate attention rather than relegating them to the backburner can be a good way to economise on time and use it effectively.

The Importance Of NOW

In the past are sown the seeds of the present. In the present are sown seeds of the future. It is the present that is the architect of our lives. Let us invest in it and fill it with all our enterprise and zeal. Give it the best of what we have so when we expect for the best in return, our future may not hesitate while giving it!
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