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The pressures of everyday life are known to get to everyone. Amid work, home and family pressures, emergencies, etc stress is known to catch up with us all.

Here are a few Feng Shui inspiration tips you could use before the stress pulls you under. Now learn how you can help yourself and easily achieve what you want out of life.

1. A Positive Attitude Counts
Remember a positive attitude will attract help attract positive energy. Catch yourself when you are sending up negative thoughts and turn them into positive thoughts or actions.

2. Surround Your Self with Things You Love
One of the principles of Feng Shui always tells you to create a lovely atmosphere wherein you feel comfortable and calm. Your outer space has a direct energy connection to your inner space including your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. For a start you could try surrounding yourself with your favourite colours.

3. Reconnect with Nature
Don’t make a habit of staying indoors. Whenever possible try to spend time outdoors. Learn to enjoy the beauty and energy of nature. Surrounded by living things such as plants, trees and flowers will enhance your positive energy, enriching your inner being.

4. Be Clear In Your Intentions
According to principles of Feng Shui, your intentions are 90% a result of the transformation you experience after making physical changes in your surroundings. To attain your goals, keep this in mind when making any changes in your physical surrounding.

5. Be Grateful For the Blessings in Your Life
Most often we get so bogged down by some of the negative energy we literally forget to count our blessings. Counting the blessings you already have can help have an impact on bringing more.

6. Surround Yourself with People Who Reek Positive Energy
There are some people who are known to uplift you in a wonderful sense and make you feel good about yourself while there are others who actually deprive you of your energy because they may be down and negative. Make a choice to spend your time with the former; it will help uplift your spirit.

7. Get Some Physical Exercise
Keeping aside the obvious health benefits, physical exercise helps in releasing stress and other emotional toxins from your body. Try Yoga or simple exercises such as taking a walk around the block can help replenish your body and spirit.

8. Use Visualization
Just when you wake up, take time to just be still and visualize how you would like your day to turn out. Think about what you have to do that day and see in your minds eye that everything will go smoothly with no obstacles which will help create your desired outcome for the day ahead.

9. Consider Meditation
Meditation can help quiet your mind and thoughts from worries and problems. It also provides you with insights on the best direction to take and help you find solutions to difficulties when you are less focused on them.

10. Take a moment to help another person
There is no joy quite like the good feeling you get when you help another. It is something that replenishes our very hearts and souls.

Try some of the above things and you will be amazed at the wonderful returns that each of them will have on your body and spirit.


Have you achieved anything out of the blue in the last 24 hours? Something so wonderful... that you felt like breaking out in a song? Even as you consider this question, you might reach the conclusion that nothing truly spectacular occurred.

Now, hold on for a moment.
Did you have a place to stay last night? Imagine what might have happened if you and your family didn't have a roof over your heads. Sounds weird, but how many times have you been thankful for the blessings in your life?

Here, then, are a few things you can do to cultivate an "attitude of gratitude" in your life.

1. Count your blessings daily. The key is to develop a habit of focusing on things you are grateful for. Put a note on your bathroom mirror or carry a card in your wallet or purse with the message, ‘Count Your Blessings’. This isn't a time-consuming chore and you'll be amazed at the results.

2. Make a point to verbalize your gratitude. During conversations at work and at home express your appreciation for all of the wonderful things and people in your life.

3. Express your gratitude to supportive co-workers and family members. Call your parents and let them know how much you appreciate their love and sacrifice. Telling your parents “I love you” really matters.

4. Drift your mind away from difficulties. When problems arise and you've done all you can to solve them, train your mind to focus your attention back to your blessings. In this way you stand a far better chance of coming up with solutions to your difficulties.

5. All of us are blessed with a spectrum of gifts (health, energy, attitude, etc) which we often tend to ignore. The best way is to share them with others, who are having a rough time. Lending a helping hand to a co-worker, relative, friend or other people in your community can help you to develop a deeper sense of gratitude within yourself about how well-off you are.


Get The Knowledge Edge

What is the common trait which most successful people share? They are virtual knowledge banks in their chosen areas of specialty.

Successful people are the ones who constantly keep on updating their knowledge, keep track of changes in their field and adapt themselves to those changes. Power does not come easy to us and neither did it to those who wield it now. Those who enjoy power worked for it and had an understanding of it. Knowledge is a door to access and opportunity and should be left open at all times.
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