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Tanya Munshi

Positive and negative thoughts are a part of everyone’s life. But negative thinking can harm our lives by influencing our thinking on a long term basis. Here are some tips to tackle such negative thoughts. All negative thoughts can be controlled, converted and replaced with a happy or a positive thought.

What To Do When A Negative Thought Creeps In
o Simple, take it in and throw it out. Some can do it as simply as this, while for others it can take some time.
o People who worry take a bit longer to overcome a negative thought than non-worriers. But it is not to say that negative thoughts cannot be overcome at all.
o As soon as you get a negative thought try and identify it – is it a thought, feeling or action.
o As soon as you identify the negative emotion, you can objectively view it and discard it.
o Get busy with things like studying, sports and reading or hobby classes and don’t allow negative thoughts to creep in.
o And even if they do, so what? Develop a ‘So what!’ attitude and you will notice a difference.

Negative Thoughts And You
o Most of the times, we end up blaming a situation or a person for our negative thoughts. But the fact is we ourselves are responsible for our own happiness.
o You can choose to be happy or sad. Hence, you can choose to think positively or negatively.
o Remember it’s all in your mind and to overcome it, you need determination and will power.
o Having faith in the almighty is another weapon against negative thoughts.
o Imagining the worst case scenario allows you to look at negative thoughts in the face and it will stop bothering you.

Are you on the looking out for ways to make your life carefree? Use these 7 steps to attain personal change. And when you do, you'll find that the old comfort zone has now expanded and what once looked like a danger zone has now become a place you feel safe with.

1. Learn to Change Yourself
When we find ourselves in an unsatisfactory position due to circumstances beyond our control, such as a job we no longer enjoy or people we no longer like, most of us try to change the situation. We complain, moan, criticize, judge, and condemn. There is only one way to change a disappointing situation. And that is to change ourselves.

2. Set Changes
When we stay well established in old positions, even if they are no longer relevant, there is no possibility of a change or improvement. That's when it is time to take a risk.

3. Begin like a New Start
When we start a new adventure or a new enterprise, there is a buzz around it. We've all felt it. It's like the first day at a new school or a new job. Sadly, we soon lose that feeling under everyday routines and habits. In taking personal risks, we can re-discover it. As Ray Kroc, founder of McDonalds said, "When you're green you grow; when you're ripe, you rot."

4. Re-Invent Yourself
Real personal change happen when we do more than just learn a few new skills and habits. Learn to cast yourself off from one identity to another. Tom Peters goes so far as to say that the imagination and zeal to regularly re-create yourself is the definition of greatness. And it doesn't have to be something you do just a few times in a lifetime; it can be something you do every day.

5. Manage Your Own Self-Esteem
Taking risks is fraught with difficulties and dangers but we can keep going if we learn how to manage our own morale. The keys to morale management are working on your belief that things will turn out positively in the end and creating a support system to help you through tough times. This can be your own support group, the inspiration of people who've been there and done that, and keeping the whole process light.

6. Step Back
When we take risks, it is valuable to be able to distance ourselves from what we are involved in and take an objective position. Here we can see what is going on without being in the fray. When we do that, we can accept criticism dispassionately and not personally. It's also the place we can go to take a breather and chill out.

7. Be Prepared To Fail Before You Succeed
All risk carries with it the possibility of failure. Fear of failure is one of the chief reasons we hesitate to take risks in the first place. But we can overcome the fear of failure by making friends with it. As William Faulkner says, there is far more to learn from failure than from success.

Just like a car cannot drive without fuel, a person's ‘drive’ requires acknowledgement. We all need to hear, “Keep it up!” once in awhile to keep our passion alive. To be acknowledged by others for our efforts—large and small—is affirming. We know that others value what we do and that knowledge propels us to continue to give our best.
So why is it that you lagging sometimes behind a league of successful people? Even you can do it, go ahead and achieve the best out of your available resources.

So what are you lacking?
Just out of resentment at your work, perhaps your mom had just made you feel pathetic about your scores in the exams. Perhaps your boss has reprimanded you being eccentric in the organization. So what’s the big deal? They have the freedom to tell you anything and everything and finally go ahead and carry out with their daily chores of work. Remember you have to prove them wrong! It can be by any means or by any channel. Find out the reasons of you going unnoticed. Figure out your efficiency levels and come up with a positive modus-operandi. Take a time-out and value the antipathy that reached you. If you value the antipathy you can work towards your success. Think intensely, keep thinking, value the antipathy, consider the different ways to combat it and be assured of the fact that you will create an anti-dote for the aversion that has just shattered you.

Learn to acknowledge
As kids, we were all loved and showered with acknowledgements from our parents, relatives, neighbours and even friends at certain times. Human beings always crave for any kind of acknowledgement. We wait for everything and almost anything. We wait for parent’s approval, wait for our boss to give us a handsome pay-rise, wait to spend the most enchanting and blissful moment with our soul mates. As we grow up we tend to ignore certain achievements which may not be meaningful in terms of success. We should always learn to be happy with what we have with us. Learn to acknowledge your own achievements, no matter what it is. Don’t try to associate everything in terms of success and failures. Rather take a more positive approach towards everyday life.

The Self-Acknowledgement Syndrome
• Always learn to acknowledge yourself at least 10 times in a day on something you feel you have done well. It can be anything right from scoring a huge six in a gulley cricket match or for safely driving your car to the office.
• If you start appreciating other people by acknowledging them, making them feel good, they will start noticing your act of goodness and they will indeed come back with something to make you feel good. This is a very effective tool to mark your success and stay perked up even at real testing times of your life.
• Whenever you mark yourself with a self acknowledging factor, make it a point that you speak to your own self or if possible scream at the top of your voice and just believe the magic of your own words will make you feel positive and vibrant from all corners.
• The key to make positive changes in our lives lies in understanding how the process works. It needs to feel good and exciting. The more fun and energy you create, the stronger its effect will be on yourself and others. So next time when somebody tries to pin a blame on you or reprimands you, never lose hope. Take it rationally and work to improve yourself with an extraordinary change.
The World is a Huge Candy Store

- by Nisandeh and Vered

Once, in the middle of a personal development workshop, one of the participants stood up and began distributing diamond rings to each of the one hundred people in the room.

He was a wealthy jeweler, he said, and he had made these expensive rings as gifts to open people's eyes to the abundance of life.

On his fifth birthday, the man explained, his uncle had taken him to a candy store and told him that he could take whatever he wanted, and as much as he wanted.

The entire store was open to him. He had looked at the jars and trays, and he hadn't known where to begin. Eventually, he filled a bag with all his favorite candies. He didn't take everything, but that feeling of being able to have whatever he wanted, stuck.

Experience abundance with your candy store…

Since then, he said, he had only been able to notice the abundance of life. He saw the world as full of opportunities, wealth and beauty - all you have to do is, take your pick and fill your bag.

The sad truth is that most of us grow up with the opposite feeling - we develop a poverty mentality. We are conditioned to believe that there simply isn't enough. We have to compete and fight and struggle, to get what we need and want. If we reach out our hand, someone else will be rifling through our pockets. The result of that mentality is that we remain hungry.

Get a taste of abundance to have a great life!


Mind Power

The mind is a terrific wonder! One can build almost anything one wants within its premises.

Achievements in the tangible world start when one conquers the intangible realms of the mind. So if you want to be successful, start with your mind first. Visualize success in your mind. Enjoy its feel and comfort.

See success in your mind’s eye, feel it, taste it and believe it to be YOURS, within your capacity, waiting to be achieved.

It is important that we visualize success in our mind’s eye and start working towards it.

Imagination is the most fertile ground where success is created and reared. We are after all, a product of our imagination.

Working Towards Your Goals

Greatness, success, progress, call it what you may are a product of consistent hard work. Success cannot be achieved overnight. One has to continuously work towards it and record progress in small measures. Even an inch forward today is progress rather than procrastination in the hope of running a mile tomorrow. Greatness is not achieved in a sudden surge. Follow Nature, It does not accomplish things in a hurry, likewise our progress in life cannot be achieved in a sudden surge, we have to work towards it consistently!
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