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Do You Have A Courageous Mind

When problems besot us we are very easily driven to a sense of defeat and fatalistic contemplation. This only adds to the feeling of misery which we must avoid.

It is very imperative to realize that we as individuals are more important that any of the problems we might face or any hurdles we might have to overcome. It is in these testing times that we make our identity as individuals. We are bigger than what we face or things that can happen to us.

This belief is the essential driving force that helps us attain our goals and accomplish great things. When you believe what’s inside you is superior to your circumstances you automatically are in control of your emotions and reactions to those circumstances and emerge better every time.

Some people go about their business not fearing anything, that could be good but the key is in knowing how to fear what should be feared and how not to fear what needn’t be feared.

Sound reasoning always leads to true courage. A courageous mind is an impregnable fortress.

Pep Quote
“Courage is rarely reckless or foolish . . . courage usually involves a highly realistic estimate of the odds that must be faced.”
--Margaret Truman

It’s Never Over Till You Give Up…

It’s Never Over Till You Give Up… So Never Give Up! You would have heard the quote “Nothing succeeds like success”. Add “Try…try till you succeed” to this and you have just brewed the perfect formula for unstoppable success. And believe me when I tell you, it holds true every time you attempt to succeed.

An outstanding quality of a winner is the power to hold on despite the most adverse circumstances. Sure, you are going to fail a lot. Not every endeavour is going to be successful the first time. Some might take forever to succeed. But the secret is to never give up. A winner is not a person who does not fail but, it is he who rises up every time he fails and tries again.

Don’t ever give up trying. Be stubbornly persistent. Remember that these ceaseless efforts will eventually help you overcome your obstacles. You will need to take pains to be persistent. Every little detail needs to be taken care of. You have to do everything and do it right to reach your goal.

Pep Quote
"People of mediocre ability sometimes achieve outstanding success because they don't know when to quit. Most men succeed because they are determined to."
--George E. Allen

Is Failure A Finality In Your Life?

If you met with success very easily, the value of success would be lost on you! This fact is very true and almost always vindicated every time someone sets out to achieve his/her goals. Like George Bernard Shaw once said “When I was young I observed that nine out of ten things I did were failures, so I did ten times more work”

No failure is ever final. Yes, you might fail but sitting in a corner mulling about it can and never will help you succeed. The initial disappointment of the failure will be there and it should only spur you to greater heights. Remember you might fail the second time and even the third but every time you get up and dust yourself, and try again your road to success is becoming clearer.

One thought provoking question you can ask yourself is – if my plans have failed is it because of lack of effort and applications or is it because there’s a better plan waiting to be discovered. This question opens up a whole world of possibilities for your success. So now do you know why failure is a stepping stone to success?

Pep Quote
“Keep in mind that neither success nor failure is ever final."
--Roger W Babson statistician, columnist
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