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Controlling Anger

How often have you been victimized by anger, hate, suspicion, malice and other such behavioural irregularities? Very often, last evening, this morning, this afternoon, just now? All of us are consumed by these fleeting emotions at some point or the other. The next time you are consummated by such `bouts of madness’, just think about this interesting story.

Young Paul had a very bad temper. He fought with almost everyone at his workplace, he hardly had any friends and neighbours too were wary of him. Realising that things are going out of hand Paul’s mother advised him to hammer a nail into the backyard tree every time he got into a foul mood.

On the first week Paul drove in about a dozen nails a days. The number scaled down to half a dozen the following week. The week after that it was restricted to an erratic two and three during the week. Finally, by the end of the month Paul was able to completely control his temper and there were no more nails in the tree.

Impressed by his progress, Paul’s mother asked him to remove one nail a day. At the end of the second month there were no more nails in the tree. Paul’s mother took him to the tree and said, “look at the tree son, it is sieved with holes. You did this with the nails. Like this tree and its bleeding wounds caused by the nails, your words too cause lacerating holes in people’s hearts that no amount of sorrys can mend. Be careful before using harsh words again, you may not have a chance to say sorry….”

For A Beautiful Mind…

…Give people more than they expect to get…willingly

…love deeply and truthfully

…don't lose faith…no matter how often your trust is broken

… fight fairly…do not offend

…apologize and rejoice…with a honest mind

…do not make fun of others' dreams

…don't let past wounds and jilted love affairs taint your vision

…spend time alone…you need to stay in touch with the real YOU!

Mastering Success

When daunted by failure and faced by the overwhelming feeling of all is lost, do consider the following to realize that there are greater realities in life beyond a momentary success and failure:

• There are people who face worse crisis than the one that triggered off your failure. Think of them.

• Failing at a task does not mean that you have failed at the lesson. Understand the lesson, failure then becomes a delusion.

• Like all other minor disappointments, the sense of failure too shall come to a pass.

• No typhoons of failure can strike at the firm roots of self confidence. One may bend, but self confidence keeps you from breaking!

• No matter how many times you stumble and fall, you must rise yet again until you have succeeded.

• Remember 'that which does not kill you, will make you stronger'.

• Success is measured by internal values, no external standards can decide on it. Willing to live through one disappointment and yet willing to take a risk is what constitutes for success!
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