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Tanya Munshi

You must be wondering why something that has a sour smell, taste and is colorless is being given so much importance. The truth is vinegar is a wonder product. Produced during the oxidation of ethanol in beer, wine or cider, vinegar has acetic properties that make it a popular choice in every household.

Kitchen Tips
  • Want to rid the microwave of odor and stains? Add 1-2 capfuls of vinegar to 1 cup water in a microwave safe bowl. Set this for 4-5 minutes. The steam from the water-vinegar mixture will remove the odor and help you clean the insides of the microwave with ease.

  • While defrosting your refrigerator, clean the insides with a fresh cloth dipped in vinegar water solution.

  • To flush the drainage of your kitchen sink, mix 1 bowl of hot water with Ό cup of vinegar. Pour this hot mixture as and when required into the kitchen sink. This will clean the drainage and prevent dirt, muck and germs from settling in.

    Health Tips

  • Sunburn can be effectively treated by applying vinegar on the skin. You needn’t dilute the vinegar, just dab a bit of it on a cloth and gently apply on the affected areas.

  • Its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties effectively remedy feet infections like fungal growth and athlete’s foot.

  • Suffering from a tooth ache? Dab a bit of vinegar in a cloth and rub it gently on the painful tooth. This will temporarily ease the pain while you rush to the dentist.

    Home Tips

  • To rid a room of tobacco odor, keep open bowls of vinegar to absorb the smell.

  • Cleaning the windows? Make a solution of water and vinegar and watch the windows shine as new.

  • By regularly cleaning your kitchen floor with vinegar you can remove the greasiness and kill germs.

  • To keep ants away, regularly clean your table tops and kitchen slabs with vinegar.
  • Wash your garbage bins with vinegar solution. This is a perfect way to kill germs.
  • After chopping veggies or meat, wash the chopping board with vinegar.

    Here are some simple but helpful ways to make most of the humble table salt:

    • Dropped an egg! No worry! Sprinkle salt on the dropped egg and let the egg stay for 15 minutes. It is easier to clean the egg after this.
    • Sprinkling salt in ovens where food has split over, helps clean the spill faster. Moreover salt absorbs the burnt smell.
    • Add half a fistful of salt and ½ cup vinegar to a bucket of water. Soak coloured clothes in the mix. The garment won't bleed and colours will get fastened.
    • Salt can be effectively used to clean glass tea and coffee pots. Add a fistful of salt to the pot, drop in some ice cubes, swivel the mix and hey presto! The pot will come out  sparkling clean! Ditto for china that sites ugly tea stains. Rub these with salt.
    • Artificial flowers come out cleaner when dunked in bag of salt. The dirt will get transferred on the salt.
    • Potatoes and apples won't turn brown when kept in a bowl of cold salty water.
    • Salt and bleach mix is ideal for cleaning a chopping board. Coat chopping board with this mix and scrub off with a stiff brush. Rinse in warm, running water.
    • To keep your toothbrush bacteria free, soak it in hot salt water just once a week.
    • Ink stains? Just apply some salt to the ink stained area and then wipe off with a damp cloth.
    • When you are making ‘mooli’ or radish stuffed Parathas, first fry grated radish and add salt. This ensures that the radish will not lose water and Parathas will be easier to roll out.
    • Add a pinch of salt to the water while mopping the floor, to keep away those flies.
    • To clean stainless steel taps you can scrub it with tamarind and salt to give it a good shine.
    • To keep your curd- rice from turning sour in the summer, add fresh curd to the cooked rice along with salt. Cook in a pressure cooker for one whistle and add  seasoning. It will not turn sour for two days even without seasoning.


    • Vinegar is ideal to loosen a rusted screw or lock. Dab some vinegar on the affected area and watch the rust disappear.
    • Vinegar is also used to prolong the shelf life of cheese. Wrap cheese in a cloth soaked in vinegar and store in an airtight container. The cheese won't mold easily.
    • Chrome fittings in the bathroom got an ugly soap film? Wrap fitting with a paper towel dipped in vinegar. Remove after 10 minutes and clean dry.
    • Vinegar is ideal to get rid of fruit flies (they are a nuisance during summers). Pour some vinegar and liquid soap in a flat dish and leave it in the open. Flies attracted to the vinegar will drown in the mix.
    • Vinegar is also an ideal meat tenderizer. Marinade meat in diluted vinegar for a few minutes, it will turn tender in no time!
    • Adding a cup of vinegar to the last rinse of tough jeans will soften the garment.
    • Washing kitchen counters with a vinegar solution helps in keeping ants away.
    • Salt and vinegar mix is especially powerful to clean copper, bronze, brass and glass items.To get rid of soap residue from clothes add vinegar to the last rinse, the acid in vinegar will neutralize the soap alkalis.
    • Leave open bowls of vinegar in a room with a musty odour. The vinegar will absorb the unpleasant smells.
    • To clean china and fine glassware add a cup of vinegar to a sink of warm water. Gently dip the glass or china in the solution and let dry. The vinegar will remove all the grease and leave the items sparkling clean.
    • To fully clean and deodorise a jar or container, rinse with vinegar. This will remove the odour or smells and clear any grease residue.
    • To clean teapots, boil a mixture of water and vinegar in the teapot, and then wipe away the grime.
    • Egg on the floor can be a cleaning nightmare. It can be cleaned up easily by sprinkling salt on it and then wiping it off with a vinegar solution.
    • Stainless steel worktops can be wiped clean with a vinegar-dampened cloth.
    • Clean small stainless steel items by soaking them in warm water. Then rub the items with lemon juice or vinegar before rinsing thoroughly.
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