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Oil-free Cooking Tips…

In this day of heart diseases and other ailments that stem from sedentary lifestyles and junk food that’s too rich and oily, it has become important to watch what we eat. At the same time we complain about diet food being too bland and tasteless and missing out on the good stuff. It need not be like that; if you’re smart enough and are able to improvise you can get the best of both worlds. Good taste, as well as good health. Oil- free cooking is one good way of eliminating harmful fats and calories. You can try any of the following cooking methods:


Cover vegetables, chicken or meat with the appropriate batter or marinade, brush them with oil, and bake them in an oven instead of deep-frying


Grilling is a method of cooking by dry heat. Put your meat, fish or vegetables on an iron grid or tray that is brushed with oil, and cook over a fire or electric grill.


Stewing is a cooking method that uses a closed pan with a little liquid. It is a slightly time consuming method but well worth the results. Since the liquid is boiled and then allowed to simmer, the food actually gets cooked in the steam over a slow fire.


Invest in a good wok and stir-fry your foods using broth or vegetable juices in place of oil, without compromising on texture or taste.

Non-stick cookware

Buy high quality (i.e. heavy) non-stick cookware and use good Teflon baking pans. These will help you reduce the amount of oil needed in cooking.

A good to tip is to coat your baking pans with maida or corn flour to prevent sticking. This way you won't have the added fat and calories from ghee, butter or oil.

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