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Think you know all there is to know about the great and mysterious world of birds and animals, test your knowledge by taking this quiz.
1. Which project was officially launched as a joint Govt. of India/FAO/UNDP effort?
  a) Project Tiger b) Himalayan Musk Deer Project
  c) Crocodile Breeding Project
2. For which animal is the Velavada National Park famous?
  a) Tiger b) Nilgai    
  c) Black buck
3. Name the country where the natives and their national bird are known by the same name, Kiwi?
  a) Australia b) New Zealand 
  c) Hawaii
4. Which East African antelope among the following never drinks water?
  a) Gerenuk b) Imapala
  c) Springbok
5. Which is the only animal that builds a nest to sleep in, every night?
  a) Orangutan b) Chimpanzee
  c) Chimpanzee
6. How many times in a minute does a snake blink?
  a) 2 times b) 4 times  
  c) Does not have eyelids
7. In Egypt, which animal's heart did the peasants eat to obtain courage?
  a) Tiger b) Hyena     
  c) Lion
8. The sting of the fat- tailed scorpion is capable of killing a man in about how many hours?
  a) 4 hours b) 24 hours
  c) 10 hours
9. Which fish can live in a state of suspended animation out of water up to three years?
  a) Lung Fish b) Doctor fish
  c) Stone fish
10. Which heron lays blue eggs?
  a) Great Blue Heron b) Purple Heron
  c) Grey Heron
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