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The plant kingdom is vast and interesting. Here are a set of ten questions to test your knowledge on plants. 

1. What are groundnuts more commonly known by? 
  1) Peanuts 2) Walnuts
  3) Hazelnuts 4) Cashew nuts
2. Which plant is the fabric linen derived from?
  1) Rubber 2) Hemp    
  3) Flax 4) Cotton
3. Which herb is used in herbal remedies for asthma and coughs related to inflammation or allergies?
  1) Ginger 2) Garlic     
  3) Ginseng 4) Gingko
4. Which species of plants are the products of symbiosis between fungi and unicellular algae?
  1) Moss 2) Liverworts
  3) Lichen 4) Ferns
5. Which guidebook is the international standard for data related to endangered species of flora and fauna?
  1) Black data book 2) Red data book
  3) Yellow data book 4) Green data book
6. Which pigment is responsible for giving leaves their green colour?
  1) Haemoglobin 2) Chloroplast  
  3) Keratin 4) Chlorophyll
7. Which herb is a commonly used in cosmetics and lotions as it naturally balances the pH value of the skin?
  1) Aloe Vera 2) Ginseng    
  3) Yucca 4) Juniper
8. Vegetables such as broccoli, brussels sprouts and cauliflower different varieties of _______.
  1) Pea 2) Brinjal
  3) Lettuce 4) Cabbage
9. Which herb, believed to have originated in the Mediterranean region, is also known as ‘common marigold’ or ‘pot marigold’?
  1) Rosemary 2) Oregano
  3) Calendula 4) Thyme
10. Which pollinating agent carries out a process of pollination known as anemophily?
  1) Insects 2) Water
  3) Birds 4) Wind
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