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Weight Loss Tips And Tricks

For most of us, summers mean holidays. And holidays conveniently mean putting exercising on the back seat. Whether you’re in the country side, on the beach, at the pool or at home, make the most of the season by turning your tired indoor fitness routine into creative outdoor workouts.

Here are some fun ways you can stay fit this summer.

Water Sports

Water is a perfect place to exercise in the heat and humidity of summer. It is a good place for exercise beginners because of the low stress it offers to the joints.

Swimming is a great way to work the cardiovascular system. Don't get caught up in the idea that the exercise has to be a consistent 30 minutes. Recreational activities can also be exercise. Here's what you can try:

• Warm up by walking the perimeter of the pool, then jogging it. In the shallow end, do 90 seconds each of walking lunges, squats, and leg lifts to the front side and back, holding on to the edge. Finish working the lower body with flutter kicks holding the edge or using a kickboard. Then submerge to the neck and do chest presses, reverse flies, bicep curls, and arm circles to work the upper body.
• For the core, try floating prone (face down) and supine (face up) and keeping the body straight using only the arms and abs.
• For muscle endurance, go to the deep end and tread water as long as you can for the finale. Tread just with the arms, then just with the legs, then with both.

Canoeing. If you're unsure of your ability or if it's been a while since you've been in a canoe, take lessons. Just learning to canoe will be a workout in itself. It's great for the shoulders, back and legs muscles.

A little friendly competition can also double as a good work out. If you live by a lake, go out into waist deep water and grab around for rocks at the bottom of the lake and see if you can throw them to the shore. This adds up as a workout for the shoulders and abdominals. Before you know it, you're exercising and burning calories.

Working Out in the Mountains

The mountains are a great summer workout location because it's usually shadier and cooler. You can power walk for a specific amount of time, then rest and repeat the same. Walk up with strong, bold steps and then walk down slow for recovery. Repeat this 10 times and you've got yourself a nice workout.

If you've got a mountain bike, get on it and explore a track. Even moderate trail cycling is a great whole-body workout that doesn't feel like exercise.

Beachside exercise

Walking in the soft sand of the beach alone is a workout. Sand gives you the extra resistance that you wouldn't have on a treadmill or on asphalt. Do it barefooted and you'll feel a great workout in your feet, shins, and calves. Alternate walking, jogging, and sprinting to work the lower body and get your heart rate elevated.

If you are looking out for the best fitness regime to lose the excess amount of fats stored in your body, just read through the following must-knows and find a slimmer you in a few weeks from now.

1) Count how many calories you eat in a normal day. That's right, wake up, and consume like you would normally eat and count the calories in everything you eat and everything you drink and keep track of it on a piece of paper or on your computer.

2) At the end of that day, add up the number of calories you ate/drank. Be as exact as possible. Once you add it all up, you now have the total number of calories you consume daily. Also, weigh yourself.

3) Starting the day after you counted calories, eat 500 calories LESS then you normally do. So, let’s pretend that the day you counted calories you counted 2000. For the rest of the week, you would eat 1500 calories a day. Understand? All you have to do is subtract 500 from the total number of calories you consume
in a normal day, and eat this new number of calories every day for the next seven days.

4) Instead of eating three big meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner), or eating all day all the time, spread those calories out over five smaller meals. Eat one meal every two and a half to three hours. You can speed up your metabolism this way.

5) Cardio. Cardio is a must for fat loss. If your serious about losing fat, but don’t want to do the cardio workouts, then you are wasting your time. Jog, walk, swim, jump rope, ride a bike, take an aerobics class, whatever… Just do it! All it takes is 30 minutes a day, 3 - 5 days a week. I say 3-5 days a week because I don't know if you have 2 kgs to lose, or if you have 20 kgs to lose. So, depending on how much you’re looking to lose, figure it out. Three times a week is the minimum though.

6) At the end of that week, weigh yourself. You'll notice a difference just after one week! Now, don't expect to see a 10 kg difference. Losing half or one kg a week is good progress. Doesn’t sound like much? You can lose 2-5 kgs a month! That's around 35 kgs a year! So if you have a lot of weight to lose, you can lose it. If have just a few pounds to lose, you can lose it, too.

Feel like you've been putting on some extra flab? Or that your stamina levels are at a low because you are not eating right? A little bit of planning during shopping and some efficiency in organizing your refrigerator could be the first step towards fixing things. Avoid buying things that you should not be eating, like chips or fried snacks, instead of promising yourself that you will eat them with restraint. Stock your fridge instead with low-cal biscuits, popcorn and other low-cal snacks that you find in most stores and supermarkets these days.

Squeeze large volumes of fresh lime and stock in your fridge ready for mixing. So next time you reach out for an aerated drink, opt for a fresh-lime concoction, instead.


Getting a good pair of shoes for your fitness training is probably the most important first step towards a sensible workout. They should (obviously!) fit well. Make sure they are not too tight, there should be enough space for you to wiggle your toes in the front. But they should also not be so loose that your heel slips. If you are not comfortable walking in them then you will be no more comfortable running in them. Pick up a known brand and don't do roadside shopping for fitness gear. Don't be penny wise and pound-foolish. Bad shoes could mean a lifetime trouble.

Weight control need not begin with a four-minute-a mile jog. It is very important that you burn fat and not carbohydrates. The level of oxygen used gives an idea of how strenuous an activity is. You may realize that even jogging slowly for half a mile will result in your pulse rate shooting to new highs. Under these circumstances, it is better to walk briskly. As your breathing increases, you burn carbohydrates. The idea is to burn the fat. You need to scale up your exercise slowly. As your body condition improves, the stress of each workout reduces and the output increases with the heart rate staying the same.

Happy working out!!!!


Did you know that you might be eating more simply because you are bored and have nothing better to do? Remember the saying, an idle mind is a devil's workshop? Similarly, when you are bored, you looking for convenient and quick options to make your life more exciting. The simplest way to do that is to head for the refrigerator and make a club sandwich, with extra cheese and ketchup. So the next time you realise that you are walking towards the kitchen, stop and ask yourself: "Am I really hungry, or is that I have nothing else to do?" And if you realise that you could stay without food for some time, perhaps it's time to get absorbed in some chore, or hobby --- like cleaning up your room, or reading a book.
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