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One doesn't realise it but we fill our lives with all sorts of gadgets that only add to our sedentary lifestyle. Think about it. Every day, you take the elevator to your office (or to your home). Why not try the stairs instead? Then, if you’re used to lying on the couch and watching TV with the remote in your hand, ditch the remote for a few days. Walk up to the TV every time you want to change a channel. Similarly, hide the cordless and step toward the phone every time you want to make (or receive) a call. Also, don’t rely on the maid to make you a sandwich. Make it yourself. And, if you can’t find a taxi, don’t wait for it. Try walking for some time. It won’t kill you.

Imagine all the exercise you can get --- without paying and joining a gym.


Most of us would love to get into a workout routine, go to the gym, lose some weight and keep fit and trim. The most common reason, however, for not being able to do this is that you barely have the time! So how about starting your day with a real quick workout routine. Get hold of a stationery bike that you can station right in your bedroom, right next to your bed. The night before, keep your shorts and T-shirt ready on the seat so that you can jump right into them the next morning. Stretch your limbs, roll your neck for just 7-10 minutes before you hop on the bike. Make sure that you've tightened the controls so that there is just enough pressure on your thighs as you press down the pedals. Now do intensive pedaling for just 10-15 minutes as time would permit. Whenever you get breathless slow down for about a minute before turning on the pressure once again. The longer you do this the better of course. But something, is always, better than nothing. So however little time you have you will be able to do a quick work out routine this way, and feel good about burning some fat and getting fitter each morning as you start the day.
Belly To Hip, Quick-Fix Toners!

This week we bring you a couple of easy-to-do spot exercises that will help you to get rid of that extra fat plumping your belly, hips and thighs. In case you can’t squeeze in a trip to the gym due to escalating work schedules or embark on a 45 minute power walk due to heavy showers, these quick exercises are perfect for you to tone up.
However, have a chat with your doc before starting your workout and remember that you can increase the duration of the exercises gradually.

Belly Toner:
• Lie down on your back. Bend your right knee and gradually lift it up to your chest. Clasp your ankle and knee. Try to touch your forehead to the knee and simultaneously, lift the left leg two inches off the floor as you do this. Then repeat the same with the left knee and do this 5 times.
• Lie on your back and lift both your legs six inches off the floor. Count to 10 whilst holding the position, and then bring legs slowly down. Repeat 5 times.

Hips and Thighs:
• Lie on your back, with hands clasped under your head. Slowly pull in your knees towards your chest. As you inhale, gradually open the knees. Then exhale and extend the legs up and wide apart. Inhale. Bring legs close together, still holding them straight up. Exhale and bend the knees again. Repeat this 5 times.
• Lie face down and rest your forehead on your hands. Pull in the tummy muscles, keep hips pressed down. Inhale. As you exhale, lift one leg straight up as high as you possibly can while still remaining comfortable. Lift 5 times
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