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Age proof your teeth

Tooth enamel may look as delicate as porcelain but it is as tough as a bulletproof vest. Despite the fact that it's the hardest substance in our body, enamel still falls prey to cavities and must be treated kindly.

  • Use an extra soft toothbrush if you have sensitive teeth. Using a brush that is too abrasive can wear off your enamel, making your teeth even more sensitive to cold and sweet.

  • Remember to brush twice a day, before breakfast and right after dinner. This will ensure there are no food deposits in your mouth that can cause cavities in your enamel.
  • After eating sugary or starchy foods, brush your teeth or rinse your mouth.
  • Fruit juices and soft drinks have sugars. To limit the time your teeth are exposed to the natural acids and sugars, sip these drinks through straws.

  • Tooth decay ruins your teeth’s protective enamel. Clean your teeth regularly or bacteria can cling to your teeth and form a sticky, colorless film called dental plaque, which leads to tooth decay and cavities.



    You thought you had heard them all. But here's a variation to the oft-quoted maxim. "An apple a day keeps the dentist away." Yup! It's great tooth decay preventer! The apple is said to have a mouth cleansing property and, if chewed well, has the same effect of a toothbrush. Besides, it is also great of relieving headaches and blood pressure.

    Prevent Bad Breath

    A dry mouth smells awful. To overcome the smelly outbreaks, you have to reduce bacteria population in the mouth, especially on the back of the tongue, where at least 80% of breath odour is thought to originate. Here’s how:

    • Keep drinking water regularly.
    • Saliva is the best breath freshener and bacteria flusher and it costs nothing. So keep eating the right kind of food after small intervals to produce saliva.
    • Munch on crispy vegetables like celery, carrots or citrus fruits as these foods stimulate saliva.
    • Stress may constrict the salivary glands, leaving you with the same dry mouth. You may use a clove, cardamom or non-sugary chewing gum to keep saliva flowing.

    Mouth Friendly Foods

    If snacking is an important part of your meal plan, opt for raw vegetables like carrots, celery and skimmed milk.

    • These toothsome alternatives do not boost acid production the way sticky, sugary or starchy choices do.
    • Unlike many foods, these don't leave a mess when you are through chewing. Cheddar cheese has some cavity-fighting prowess.
    • Just a small amount of cheese may inhibit the acid flare-ups of cavity causing snacks.

    Even Peanuts Help: peanuts contain a protective factor that helps fight the acid that peeks after a cavity-causing snack. Chewing peanuts will also boost the flow of saliva.
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