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Matters of the Heart

Honey Is Good For The Heart

Here’s a useful recipe for breakfast and snacking. You can replace the jam on your chapatti/ bread/toast with a yummy paste of honey and cinnamon powder and have it every other day if not everyday for breakfast.

Why honey? Many reasons, all to do with the matters of the heart.
• The intake of honey regularly, reduces the amount of cholesterol.
• It also reduces the risk of an attack.
• For those who have already suffered an attack, it is advisable to consume honey so that they steer clear from more attacks. It also relieves the heartbeat.
• Research indicates that honey helps in revitalizing arteries, which have lost their flexibility with age.


Cardiac Arrest? Quick! Do This

Picture this scenario: You are returning late from work. The day has left you completely drained and exhausted. You would hit a watering hole and unwind after the hard day. But just as you start driving you break into cold sweat, your breath comes out hard and fast, your pulse quickens and you have a strange tingling sensation running up your arms right up to your jaw…are you suffering a CARDIAC ARREST?

Will you be able to reach the hospital on time? Let’s hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.

• Once the heart starts malfunctioning, it takes approximately 10 seconds for the person to lose consciousness.

Retain consciousness by coughing violently and deliberately (as if you were drawing sputum). Take a deep breath between coughs this helps in getting oxygen to the lungs while the coughing squeezes the heart and sets blood rushing to it.

How Should I Cure Heartburn?

Bitter roots like turmeric are known to set the digestive tract right. Turmeric helps in stimulating the flow of digestive juices, which in turn clear the acid build-up. If you suffer from chronic heartburn try using turmeric as a spice. If the spice is a strong option you could switch to 2-3 capsules of the root before a meal.

Am I Having A Heart Attack Or Heart Burn?

Heartburn can sometimes feel like a cardiac arrest because it strikes in the general area of the heart. While a heart attack is typically described as a crushing ache, in case of heartburn, one can actually feel a burning sensation in the heart. A heart attack can radiate to the neck and one or both arms; heartburn is sharply localized, felt in the chest and sometimes the throat. You may have a battery acid taste in the back of your mouth along with a sore throat. Any antacid, like ‘Gelusil’ (two spoonfuls) will bring relief in the case of heartburn. In case of heart attack, immediate medical attention should be sought.
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