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Eczema… Not Just Another Itch

Eczema is a non-contagious inflammation of the skin characterized by redness, scaling swelling, blister formation and oozing. It usually occurs in infancy, at puberty and menopause. Let’s find out more about it...

The causes
• An allergic or a sensitive skin that could get into a reaction mode when exposed even to the mildest of irritants.
• Familial incidence is an important factor.
• General physical debility predisposes to eczema by lowering the resistance of the individual.
• Climatic extremes like heat, dampness and severe cold and also psychological stresses, promote the development of eczema.
• Contact dermatitis develops within a few hours after contact with the offending agent (which includes plants, clothing, footwear, cosmetics, occupational chemicals, and medicaments). The eruption develops briskly. Failure to discover the cause of the eruptions results in chronic eczema.

Things you must avoid
• Tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages, all condiments, sugar, white flour products, refined canned and processed foods.
• Sour foods including pickles and curds.

What you must reduce
• Salt intake
Things to do
• Drink a lot of fluids throughout the day.
• Eat Muskmelon (kharbooja) thrice a day for a few months. It is the most effective remedy for eczema and the juice is also beneficial as a local application.
• Apply turmeric locally over the eczematous patch. Also take internally with milk in one-teaspoonful doses.
• Apply olive oil locally to the dry, scaly patches which tends to help relieve the dryness and burning and stinging pains.
• Aloe Vera gel relieves the itching and pain of the eruptions.
• Wash the eczematous skin with water in which Margosa (Neem) leaves are boiled.


Digestion Trouble? Here's What You Need

Is there enough fibre in your diet? Most of us need to add more fibre, or roughage, in our diets to achieve better dietary balance. Fibre is the material from plant foods which is not digested. It forms bulk and helps prevent constipation. It also absorbs toxins from the waste matter and allows their quick and efficient excretion from the body, thus promoting a healthy digestive tract. If you feel your body's missing the fibre, here's some help:

• Whole grains…..Avoid separating the bran by sieving your "aata". Enhance nutrition and fibre by adding black gram and soya bean to whole wheat flour (aata). The proportions should be 8 kgs whole wheat flour, 1 kg black gram flour and half kg soya bean flour.
• Have fruits daily, eating the skin wherever possible. The diet should include a variety of fruits.
• Have lightly cooked green leafy vegetables and enough raw salads.
• Make a porridge of broken wheat (dalia) for breakfast.
• Add sprouted grains and legumes to your salads and "raita".
• If you have any disease, consult your doctor before making changes in your diet.

Watch Your Body Clock To Fight Chronic Ailments

If you are prone to ailments and disorders be extra vigilant (about food intake and symptoms) of the time of the day when it occurs. Daily variations in bodily functions, known as circadian rhythms, are governed by `clocks’ located in the hypothalamus (brain) and other areas of the body. Regulated by light, these clocks affect your health. Here's how:
1 a.m. - Most natural labour begins (this means, pregnant ladies who are due for delivery should be ready to go to the hospital or rest well.
4 a.m. - Asthma attack is likely to occur.
6 a.m. - Hay fever worsens (Hay fever is caused by pollens present in the atmosphere; person suffering from Hay Fever should not visit a garden, farm or countryside during this)
7 a.m. to 11 a.m.- Heart attack most likely; also blood pressure level peaks in the body.
3 p.m. - Mental performance and strength at their best
10 p.m.- Stomach acid level is the highest ( This leads to acidity. A person has to be careful about his/her food intake and take alkaline foods such as lauki White Gourd, green leafy vegetables.

Foot Loose And Fancy F(r)ee(t)!

Feet are the first to show tell tale signs of a tired day. After a hard day at work wouldn’t you just love to soak feet in a warm bath and feel the tensions melt away. Here is another way to take the ache off feet minus the warm bath. Sit in a chair with feet touching the ground. Put a rolling pin beneath your feet and roll it on the floor from the tips of toes to heels. Exert as much pressure as you can. Then, stand erect and roll the pin from toes to heel, first with one foot and then the other. These simple rolling pin exercises help get rid of the ache in feet.

Perspiring feet can be another problem area. But you can get rid of the offending odour in minutes, simply apply this invigorating lotion on your feet and watch the stink disappear. Mix 2 teaspoons vinegar with one tablespoon rubbing alcohol and two tablespoons cologne water. If you don’t have cologne water, add a few drops of eau de cologne to 2 tablespoons of boiled and cooled water. Sponge feet with this lotion every night for a week and enjoy the difference.


The problem with migraines is that virtually anything can trigger them off. Chocolates and caffeine and alcohol are considered to be the most common trigger points. However, it could also be food temperatures or a combination of any of these. So note down (maintain a diary) the timing, symptoms, location and frequency of the attack. How long it lasts and what you ate or did before the attack. Sooner or later a pattern will emerge which will help you find the connection and know what to avoid.


A burning sensation in the feet could vary from a slight discomfort to the more severe. And it could be more than just tiredness. It's an affliction that usually affects people in their sixties. It could be a mild disorder caused by the wrong socks or shoes but also might be an indication of more severe nerve or blood disorder. So don't ignore it and get it checked.


If you have a knee pain the effect of exercise far supercedes anti-inflammatory drugs or rest. Exercise your leg muscles specially the quadriceps (the large four-part group on the front of the thigh that powers knee movements). Approximately 70% of the patients get complete recovery with exercises only. The quadriceps can be strengthened by knee extensions using ankle weights. These weights can be increased gradually. Uphill walk or walking up and down the stairs show remarkable results.
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