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Roses Can Cure...

“ My luv is like a red red rose, Newly sprung in June…”

When R. Burns complimented his beloved’s beauty in the following lines, he might have hinted at her radiant health too. Rose is a symbol of beauty as well as love globally but few of us know about its curative powers.

Healing Powers Of Rose
Be it rosewater (gulab jal), rose petals, gulaboil, dry rose powder or gulkand, the flower never ceases to deliver healing effect.
• Rose petals are useful for reducing pitta, heat in the body and problems caused by excess heat.
• Rosewater (gulab jal) reduces congestion of blood and soothes inflamed surfaces.
• Rosewater is cool, refreshing and reduces inflammation in redness in the eyes.
• Regulates menstruation and checks uterine haemorrhage.
• A rose douche is also beneficial in the treatment of leucorrhoea.
• Rose decoction is an effective gargle for ulcers in the mouth.
• Strengthens the teeth and gums.
• Gulkand removes problems caused by heat and clears and tones the intestines.
• Effective in the treatment of acidity.
• Inhaling rose perfume relaxes the brain and heart.
• It is an effective skin tonic and clears blemishes.
• It is a natural deodorant.

Rose Recipes
Rose is easy-to-get and rose recipes are easy-to-make and hence incorporating it in our daily diet should not pose any problems.
Rose water (Gulab Jal): Can be prepared by boiling fresh petals and condensing the steam into another vessel.
Rose facemask: Grind a handful of petals and apply on clean skin. Wash it off lightly with water after 15-20 minutes. Find a glowing and smooth complexion.
A powder made from the dried petals is an excellent body rub and can also be used on the face. This leaves the skin cool and fragrant.

A delicious natural gulab jam is one of the most refreshing summer tonics, take fresh gulab petals and an equal amount of sugar by weight. Mash and mix well and keep in the sun in a glass for 10-15 days. It is ready for use and can be preserved for years. This preserve tastes better and is more effective after it has matured for a month or two. Have it every morning with a cup of milk or a teaspoon of it with paan.

People who want to reduce weight should eat gulkand sparingly because of its highly calorific value.

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